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John Dwyer, lead singer of Oh Sees, will be headed to SA soil to play Endless Daze Festival at the beginning of next month along with his fellow music making magicians. Oh Sees will be heading up the event alongside fellow San Fransisco psychedelic rocker swoners, Moon Duo. I was lucky enough to catch up with with John ahead of the jamboree. It went a little something like this:

Photo Credit: Amdo Photo
Photo Credit: Amdo Photo

Jade: It was a beautiful surprise to learn that you guys would be headlining Endless Daze Festival. The South African music scene has experienced growing pains over the last decade or so with 2 massive annual festivals dominating the music scene. Over the last few years, we’ve stepped into a space, where we’re seeing a lot more smaller, niche festivals emerging. It’s safe to say that Endless Daze is the first festival to succeed in delivering a killer local and international line-up, that caters for the surfer/stoner/alternative/garage/psych rock scene and YOU’RE HEADLINING this thing! Did you ever anticipate playing a festival in Africa? Is this the first time you’ll be headed this way?

John: I have always wanted to come to South Africa. I felt pretty confident we could get down there and now thanks to the Endless Daze Festival we are coming, so yes, psyched!

Jade: We too are psyched! Based on live footage of you guys playing, and knowing our crowds, it’s going to be wild. How long will you be here for and are you going to be exploring a bit while down? Is there anything specific that you want to get up to while out here?

John: We are only there for like 3 days as we are swamped and it takes FOREVER to get there so we could only spare a week. I’m open to checking anything out while we are there, we usually just do the show and soak up what we can.

Jade: We really are on the arse end of the world! Would you say that you guys could be referred to as being one of the pioneering groups of the garage/psych rock scene?

John: We have definitely been lumped in as a “garage rock band”. I wouldn’t say we have pioneered anything though, but we have persevered through the years and grown a lot! I like where we have been but I’m more excited about where we are all headed a far as music and travel goes.

Photo Credit: Amdo Photo
Photo Credit: Amdo Photo

Jade: Who influenced your music back when you started this venture and the music you’re making today?

John: Man that’s a loooong list. I would say everything from Krautrock to The Gories to John Fahey to Yes to high school drum corp bands.

Jade: Every city has it’s own feel in terms of the energy, the crowds and genres that dominate the music scene. How does the music scene in San Francisco differ from other cities such as LA and NY at the moment?

John: San Francisco is much smaller geographically and now is very very expensive whereas LA is huge and only very expensive.

Jade: Which albums do you have on rotation that you could recommend we look into?

John: Anything Tim Presley is affiliated with, Once and Future Band, Uranium Club, Matthew Bourne synth stuff and Jack Name.

Photo Credit: Michael McGrath
Photo Credit: Michael McGrath

Jade: It’s me, and this list come Sunday afternoon. What is your favourite track to perform for a crowd hearing you for the first time? I personally can’t wait to hear Tidal Wave!

John: ‘Tidal Wave’ is an oldie that’s for sure. It’s impossible to choose a favourite track, I cannot pick a favourite child.

Jade: Haha – Aaaalmost sure my mom did!  What are you guys up to for the rest of 2017?

John: Writing and smoking dope.

Jade: You and me both. We can’t wait to have you guys over and truly hope that you experience some of the magic and beauty that this country has to offer!

John: See you soon 🙂


Check out our Facebook page on Monday afternoon to get your paws on a pair of passes to the rawest, most rocking festival line-up that we’ve seen in the longest time in Mzansi!

You can also find the final artist announcement below and follow the event HERE for details about the event. If you want to get tickets in the meantime, you can those HIERSO.

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