Donny Basco & Friends: Rumbling Riddims Episode 3 ft. CELO – Let’s Get Groovy

We’re back with another round of Donny Basco & Friends: Rumbling Riddims Episode 3, and it’s all about good vibes and killer beats! πŸš€

CELO: The Beat Wizard 🎩

Big shoutout to our guest of the night, CELO! This dude knows his beats like no other. From melodic vibes to deep grooves, his mix had us all on our feet. CELO, you’re a legend, and we’re stoked to have had you on board! πŸ™Œ

Meet the maestro behind the beats, CELO, a seasoned DJ and producer whose music journey spans over a decade. With an eclectic mix of melodic liquid tunes and deep, bass-driven beats, CELO’s music takes listeners on a sonic adventure like no other. His passion for Drum & Bass resonates through every track, creating an immersive experience for music enthusiasts. Having graced renowned events like Mieliepop, Science Frikshun, Cherch, Twilight, Revolution, and Bass Safari, CELO has solidified his name in the South African Drum & Bass scene. Dive into his world of rhythm and energy through his Mixcloud: CELO Mixcloud and SoundCloud: CELO SoundCloud. For the latest updates, follow him on Instagram: @celo_dnb and Facebook: CELO Facebook. Don’t miss out on his electrifying beats – he’s here to elevate your music experience!

Donny Basco: The Beat Guru 🎧

Our man Donny Basco sure knows how to keep the party alive! He’s the heartbeat behind our tunes, bringing the energy that makes you wanna move and groove. Donny’s got the music magic, and he’s here to share it with all of you!

Meet the driving force behind the rhythm, Donny Basco, an exceptional DJ and producer who has been setting dancefloors ablaze for over a decade. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Johannesburg, he’s more than just a music enthusiast – he’s a sonic storyteller, painting musical narratives that captivate the soul. With a knack for seamlessly blending beats that transcend genres, Donny creates unforgettable musical journeys.

Discover Donny’s electrifying sets and music on his Mixcloud: Donny Basco Mixcloud and SoundCloud: Donny Basco SoundCloud. To stay in the loop with his latest updates and upcoming shows, follow him on Instagram: @donnybascodj and Facebook: Donny Basco Facebook. Donny Basco is not just a DJ; he’s a musical journey-maker who’s ready to take you on a ride you won’t forget!

Song of the Week: Hugh Hardie – Suede

Events Mentioned in Show! 🀘

Get your calendars out because we’ve got some epic events coming your way:

πŸ“† Thu, 09/11: Amen (Old Testament) – Event Details

πŸ“† Fri, 10/11: Fragment – Event Details

πŸ“† Sat, 11/11: Addictshun – Event Details

πŸ“† Sat, 18/11: Blends – Event Details πŸ“† Sun, 12/11 & 19/11: Sola Vida (FREE) – Instagram

So, what are you waiting for? Hit play, let the beats take over, and get ready to dance like nobody’s watching! Thanks for being part of this wild musical ride. Stay tuned for more jam-packed episodes, and let’s keep it groovy! πŸŽ‰πŸ”Š #RumblingRiddims #DonnyBascoAndFriends #CELOMagic 🎢✌️


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