Dreamshade – South African Tour

Dreamshade is fairly unknown to the average South African metal head, but does that mean you should not go and check them out on the Dreamshade South African Tour? Most definitely not!!


Dreamshade started up in 2006, when  “Fella” Di Cicco and Rocco Ghielmini came together and decided to start a band. Although they only produced their first E.P. “To The Edge of Reality”, 2 years later, the timing could not be better.  Dreamshade quickly accumulated a dedicated following of fans, which resulted in consecutive appearances at the ‘Metal Camp’ festival in 2008 and 2009, at which they played on the main stage.

Dreamshade is definitely not what I expected, but that is not a bad thing at all. On the contrary, I think it is a very good thing, isn’t it the unexpected that makes life interesting?

Here are some music videos from the Dreamshade album, ‘The Gift of Life’ album:


‘Your Voice’:

Dreamshade is a melodic death metal band, which might sound like a strange concept to some metal purists, but Dreamshade has a unique sound and is definitely worth checking out.

The events company responsible for making Dreamshade’s, 5 show South African tour, a reality, is Favour the Brave, the same peeps that brought you ‘Comeback Kid’ earlier in 2014. If the ‘Comeback Kid’ tour was any indication,  you better believe we are in for a show when Dreamshade hits the stage.

The dates and venues are as follows:

8th of May – Live the Venue (Durban) Ticket Price: R100-00

9th of May – Pool City (Port Elizabeth) Ticket Price: R60-00

10th of May – Mercury Live (Cape Town) Ticket Price: R120-00

16th of May – Arcade Empire (Pretoria) Ticket Price: R120-00

17th of May – Rumours (Johannesburg) Ticket Prices: R120-00

Wow, 5 shows!! That means you have no excuse, you have 5 opportunities to get out of the house and check out a good quality metal act. I am sure the boys and girls in Durban and Port Elizabeth is rearing to get that mosh going, cause let’s be honest, they see zero action when it comes to international acts coming to our shores (Well done to Favour the Brave, for making it happen for the coastal faithful). So do not disappoint Durbs and PE friends, show the events companies why PE and Durban should be a regular feature when bringing international acts to the good ‘ol RSA.

Let’s show our new Swiss friends some love and go support them whilst on tour in our beautiful country.

For more details you can visit Favour the Braves facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/favourthebraveZA

Or tweet them:


See you in the mosh!!


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