Endless Daze – Clayton Human Interview

Endless Daze is one sleep away. Just before we boogey by the sea, Nina caught up with ghost folker Clayton Human.



Clayton, could you take us through your musical journey thus far? When did you start playing guitar and what sparked the songwriting interest?

The truth is that it started like many others.
There was always music in my childhood home.
From Zeppelin in the car to Cohen in the kitchen.
My father always had his guitar lurking.
I guess it was a natural progression for me to pick it up at some point.
It was at Art School that I started my journey into playing live and writing songs.

Which artists did you find most inspiring growing up? Do you still find them to be inspiring to this day? Are there any others you would add to your list of inspiration?

My musical mood board was in proxy and by default defined by all the classics –
The Stones, The Beatles, Zeppelin, Cohen, Fleetwood, Dylan ect.
We all know that quintessential rock/folk LP collection most of our parents had sitting on the shelf. Those records will always be an inspiration and a creative pallet from which to step in and out of.

photo by Eric Kruse
photo by Eric Kruse

I remember seeing Jim Neversink in my early 20’s at a dodgy bowling club in the southern suburbs of Durban and being blown away. It would never be the same for me.  At that time I was still deceived by the lure of fame and fortune.
Neversink wiped away the rose-tint with a dirty turpentine cloth.
An honest performance in a real-life context became my go to.

My current source of musical inspiration is:
Timber Timbre, Dick Stucco, Medicine Boy, Townes van Zandt and Anna St Louis.

Could you give us some more insight into the “Ghost Folk” genre? Would you say that you are a “Ghost Folk” genre?

How does one define one’s self – Not 100% sure to be honest.
It is difficult when the creative process is always in a state of flux.
Things always sound different to different people.
Interpretation is always defined by the viewer.
Some days I want to channel Al Green and other days Taylor Kirk and on the weird days The Supremes.
I guess the Ghost Folk genre is defined in my eyes as reverb-heavy, lyrically driven stories that manifest themselves in honest performances.
At this point in my creative process, this is what I am trying to achieve.

You are currently performing as a solo act, if you could choose anyone to collaborate with, who would that be?

More of my friends.

Are you planning to do a local tour sometime soon?

Clayton Human_photo by Eric Kruse
photo by Eric Kruse

Yes definitely. I have just finished a small 4 track studio EP. The plan is to record a more stripped-down bedroom release over December and then take both releases on tour early next year.

Any local acts you are looking forward to see at the Endless Daze fest?

Them Fads

 Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys,

Black Math,

Medicine Boy,

Zoo Lake,

Dumama & Kechou,

The Dinosaurs

and the list goes on….
The line-up is insane this year.
I would like to try and see everyone or a least a bit of everyone.
There are so many good local acts now.
The touring circuit is still a bit disjointed in SA so to get to see so many great local acts in one space is amazing. Also really looking forward to A.S. Fanning.


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