In The City 2019

Everybody knows that 2 of the 7 days were spent on making Cape Town – South Africa. Glossy oceans, beautiful mountains, wine and MUSIC FESTIVALS!  Rocking The Daisies – I’m looking at you gurrrrl. However beautiful Cape Town is, it’s an expensive mission for most of us Vaalies.  IF, you were to start walking, non-stop, from Pretoria to the mother city, it will take you 10 Days to get there.

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So, if your heart jumped in the air and did a pirouette when you heard their international line-up, and then came tumbling down to the floor when you realised “so close, yet so far”, let In the City 2019 send it back into the sky for a twirl.  On the 6th of October, Tash Fuuuhkin Sultana, The 1975, Russ and many more will be blessing the green grass of Ellis Park to blow your mind to smithereens, I’m sure. Phase 1 tickets are now available from HERE! Get them while they’re hot, available and affordable.

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