Mitchell’s Brewery – Capital Craft Beer Festival Interview

mitchell's brewery

With Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018 coming up 16th June, excitement is running high. We caught up with the folks at Mitchell’s brewery to find out how they make things happen.

1. Since the brewery started in 1983, how has the popularity spike in craft beer affected the brand?

Mitchell’s Brewery started before the word craft was used but stood alone against the tyrant and fellow mass production breweries. The craft beer spike helped us become part of a bigger family of microbrewers and as the forefathers of craft, our popularity has grown immensely. Our challenge has always been to stay relevant and with recent changes in our brand image, handing over production to and now integrating our sales, marketing and distribution into Signal Hill Products (Devil’s Peak, Alpha, etc) we are positive that the Original Craft will stay one of the leading craft breweries for many more years to come.

Mitchell's Brewery

2. Which beer is considered to be Mitchell’s Brewery’s best brew and why?

Our Brew Master’s choice, Milk and Honey Ale. This brew is our fastest growing brand and is definitely the brew that has a soft spot in all our hearts and makes our taste buds tingle but our flagship beer, Forester’s Lager, will always be first in mind when anyone thinks about Mitchell’s.

3. What makes Mitchell’s Brewery beer unique from the rest?

Our recipes have stood the test of time and have only been improved year on year to now give the beer lover a unique, fully developed experience of the highest quality beers.

4. How many litres of beer does Mitchell’s Brewery produce a month?

An average of 350hl

5. Which beer is the most fun to brew?

We add cinnamon to the brew with 90 Shilling Ale and therefore the brewery becomes a “bakery” for the day and then smell of “cookies” makes everyone feel at home.

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