The Narrow Multiverse – Interview with Deon Kruger

Come one,come all! The Narrow is turning  17!  The band will be treating fans to a one night exclusive show, alongside 4 local rock legends. The lineup will not only be filled with some of The Narrow’s biggest hits but also songs that inspired the creation of The Narrow and it’s sound.


The Narrow Multiverse will be rocking through Rivonia Barnyard on the 02 Aug 2019. Tickets are available over here, Before we brace ourselves for the mosh pit, we caught up with Deon Kruger .

Mzi:  What is the last song you listened to before this interview?

Deon: Fell on Black Days – Soundgarden

Remembering Chris Cornell and the huge impact he’s had on me.

Mzi: Damn. Chris Cornell. What a man! Does this mean Sound Garden will be part of The Multiverse?

2019 marks your 17th Anniversary! Congratulations and on behalf of everyone THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.

You were one of the last members to join The Narrow in 2002. Looking back now, what do you remember from your first show?

Deon: Thank you guys for all the years of amazing support and making memories with us as your soundtrack!

My first two shows (literally 2hrs apart) was at OppiAarde and Woodstock, combined we performed for over 22 thousand people that evening.


My fondest memory (besides the surreal quality of the whole situation!) was when I had a beer with the boys after the show and Hanu cheers me and I knew I did my job, well. That is what makes me appreciate every time I get to go on any stage, using my talents and hard work to touch people’s lives.

Mzi: Sho what an amazing and eventful first day.  If you could go back in time and relive one gig with Emile, Hanu and Jow by your side, which one would it be?

Deon: Too many to mention, but highlights would be those first 2 shows, playing in LA in front of Steve Vai and opening for Deftones at OppiKoppi.

Mzi: The Narrow Multiverse will be taking us through not just your music but also some tracks that have inspired the band as a whole.

Accompanied by four of the biggest names in South African Hard Rock. Who are you most excited to share the stage with?

Deon: All the guys are amazing musos and friends, so very special all round.

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Mzi: South Africans are religious about watching The Narrow.

Every time you announce a tour my phone blows up with friends, trying to arrange 4 Months ahead to see every show in Gauteng.

They know all the words and have perfectly timed when to jump into the mosh pit.
What song do you most enjoy shredding live?

Deon: Honestly, I enjoy every song and being able to share it with you guys – much love!

Mzi: In the past few years:
You have released multiple albums.


Played almost every South African venue and festival.

Played shows across the globe.
Is there anything left on The Narrow bucket list?

Deon: There is still so much music left for us to write and seeing you guys every time we’re out on the road keeps us going.

We want to do something special for our 20th anniversary, and of course do more Multiverse shows.

Think it’s an awesome concept and will allow the alternative community to enjoy music together.

Mzi: If the good people, reading this, want to stay in touch and get there hands on the latest The Narrow news, where should they go?

Deon: Good old Facebook and Instagram, social media for the win!

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