Nitro Circus South Africa – Review

When I found out that Nitro Circus was coming to South Africa I nearly cried with excitement. Nitro Circus is my (as I am sure many others) favorite extreme live act, so this was amazing news. Seeing your idols in action busting out some truly insane stunts right before your eyes was like watching Baywatch’s intro for the first time. I could not take my eyes off of the spectacle. In my opinion; these are the world’s most hardcore sports professionals who as an added bonus have ass-kicking fun and make it look ridiculously easy.


I had the pleasure of watching Nitro Circus with one of my best friends, my totally insane brother and his friends (whom in my opinion need straight-jackets before they leave the house). The trip there was an epic one as the Metro-Rail was packed with hardcore enthusiasts and also some pretty odd ones, but that’s the way we like it; weird and wonderful! We had a bad-ass party whilst travelling to the stadium and it did not stop there, the expectations were high and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Everybody was amped to be there and ready for an eventful night.


Due to the size limitations of the FNB Stadium, the Nitro Circus team could not do all the tricks and stunts you would be accustomed to seeing on their TV-Show. However, what they managed to achieve in the limited space available was mesmerizing. Joanna landing her first back-flip and some other dude doing a double front flip with a bmx was mind blowing! (I say “some other dude” because unfortunately the sound was so awful that only the MC knew who was doing what, whilst the audience watched in awe).


Big up to ‘Wheels’, what an inspirational guy! He has some serious ‘cojones’ (which MUST be made of steel) and a ‘never-say-die’ attitude that sets an example for all. Wheel chair or not, face your fears and never give up!


The only thing that would have made this experience better? Mr Travis Pastrana… but that being said, what an outstanding event and shout out to Nitro Circus for making the trip.


For the people who were too busy doing ‘E’ at H2O or ‘Wind Surfing’ at Presleys Boksburg, bow your heads in shame. For those that made the trip – Rock on, till next time!


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