Rungano Rhythms Rocket Launches!

Rungano Rhythms Rocket Launches! 

On Sunday afternoon Rungano Rhythms rip roared into existence. This 5-part series sees Joost, a reggae, bud, roots, ska, rocksteady, and dancehall enthusiast take you on a musical voyage, playing his favourite tunes from the 60s – 80s of these genres.

On this journey, you’ll be met with snippets of history surrounding the songs and artists from the time periods mentioned above as well as some contemporary tracks to keep the mix fresh.

Episode 1 of Rungo Rhythms focuses on The Emergence of Ska. The tale beings with the rival sound systems of Duke Reid and Coxsone Dodd in the 1950s. Press play to get the whole scoop and get carried away to another place in time and back again.

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