The Sextons – Pre-OppiKoppi Interview

In case you’ve never heard of The Sextons, they are a charismatic and exuberant, energiser bunny-like three-piece groove machine based in Jozi. With a combination of sinfully playful powerhouse vocals from their multi-talented, she-can-play-just-about-anything, lead singer Jaime-Lee Sexton, smooth and sticky bass riffs from Danny Helsing, and rhythmic beats from drummer Mark van Dijk, The Sextons can tempt any crowd to get off their seats and dance until the sun comes up!

The Sextons

Active since 2012, the Sextons bring a milieu of fresh, soulful tunes, with just enough undertone of pop, folk and jazz which result in a fun sound and a good time.

Having seen The Sextons perform live on a few occasions, I was a bit more than stoked to find out that they too would be trudging up a bit of excitement in the dust bowl of Mordor!

I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the ever vibrant trio, about their upcoming performance at Oppikoppi 22: For the lovely young taken to the Unsea. Have a look:

If you could describe your sound as an animal or a sex position, what would it be and why?

The Sextons: Animal would be a black panther – Slick, sexy and a little wild. Sex position: 69 – Fun, adventurous and flexible 😉

 That sounds like quite the good time! Now for the more serious question: why should people who don’t really know much about you come see your set?

TS: We have the best band name ever! Hahahaha 🙂

Our set is not only about people getting on a stage and playing instruments, we go the whole nine yards for our shows. We bring high energy! Great outfits! Crowd interaction, story-telling and most importantly, we have the time of our lives up there and that is naturally infectious for the crowd.

Plus, you guys are really awesome! So, what is the one thing you are most looking forward to at this year’s Oppikoppi?

TS: There can never be only one thing!

Of course, we are SUPER excited to be performing! Wow! We really can’t wait. We are working on something very special for you all.

We have so many friends that are on this year’s line-up as well (who, BTW are amazing acts) that we can’t wait to watch!!


The Sextons


And in all honesty, I can’t wait to see your set either! And since you’ll be sharing the stage with some of your friends, if you could do a campsite collaboration with anyone on this year’s OK22 lineup, who would it be and what song would you cover?

The song we’d cover is definitely Petit Noir – La Vie Est Belle!

 OK, so one of the things some of us are looking forward to at every Oppi really, is the naked mile! So from the lot of you, who do you reckon would most likely run the naked mile?

Definitely our lead guitarist Steve! He loves running and loves being naked… As he likes to say “Live life balls to the wall”

(He has absolutely no idea that we’re writing this!)


Haha! Before we wrap up, is there anything extra special we could expect from your OK22 set, or are there any surprises we could expect?

This year we are going to blow you away!

We don’t want to give anything away but we will say this: it’s gonna be SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!!!

Woah! ‘Nuff said! Is there an upcoming Sextons new release coming soon?

We are going into studio at the end of July. So there’s much excitement! We will be releasing our brand new single very soon, so keep an eye out!


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