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  • Pedro Barbosa Interview

    Pedro Barbosa Interview

    Pedro Barbosa, has be come a South African music house name. After many years of sharing the stage with some of the best, Pedro has released his solo album Reborn. A while back we caught up with Pedro and got the full scoop. After years of sharing the stage, you recently released your debut solo…

  • The Nomads Are Back In Town

    The Nomads Are Back In Town

    Nomadic Orchestra, from the jive to the jazz, the bouncing band are back (not that they ever disappeared) with their latest album, Love At Last. The bands latest work was recorded over the space of 18 months, between Cape Town and Berlin, and compromises of 12 tracks. Groovier and tighter than their previous work, the band…

  • The Slashdogs Interview

    The Slashdogs Interview

    The Slashdogs are one of the hottest rock and roll bands under the South African sun. They’ve spent the better part of last year on the road doing what they do best and rocking out. This year I have some great news The Slashdogs are in studio working on new material. The band has about…