The Nomads Are Back In Town

Nomadic Orchestra, from the jive to the jazz, the bouncing band are back (not that they ever disappeared) with their latest album, Love At Last. The bands latest work was recorded over the space of 18 months, between Cape Town and Berlin, and compromises of 12 tracks. Groovier and tighter than their previous work, the band has definitely taken their music to the next level, with a vast array of musical influences which are quite definite, from their hip-hop vocals to the more apparent jazz influence, and the catchy little Afro pop chops on the guitar, their music has it all!

Love At Last was released on the 8th of April and is available on iTunes for a mere R79.99, which is approximately half the price of your favourite international bands latest album, all of us at The Grind Radio highly recommend you do yourself a favour and purchase their latest album! This is local music at its best! (Album review to follow)


Nomadic Orchestra have an intense live set and do a great job of leaving you wanting more once they are done, it is the right music to get anyone jiving to the bouncing beats of the brass! This year has seen them playing festivals such as Up The Creek and Mieliepop to their latest show this passed weekend at Arcade Empire in Pretoria, and once you have heard their music or seen them live, it all becomes apparent why all booking agents are lining up to get Nomadic Orchestra into their clubs or on their main stage at their respective festivals. Nomadic Orchestra are not only limited to our shores, the band toured Europe during 2015 on their “Brass Safari Tour” and played countless shows between Germany and Holland. I’m sure I can speak for us all when I say, we would like to see the band heading back over to Europe to fly the flag for South African music many more times!



If you live in the Northern parts of our beautiful country and have missed them during the course of their journey around Guateng and to Mieliepop this year, I would put good money on expecting to see them at Oppikoppi again this year! Being one of the most “vibyest” bands our country has to offer, will more than likely send the Oppikoppi faithful into a frenzy, and it could almost seem like something reminiscent of what happens when you make popcorn, humans bouncing across the bushveld to the beautiful beats of Nomadic Orchestra! This is one band that always keeps things interesting, so keep your eyes peeled for their ever popular impromptu road side or ocean side gigs!


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