The Grind Radio’s Next Big Step – Teenagers Scare The Living Shit Out Of Me

The Grind Radio’s next big step, from adolescence into manhood!

As a little boy in Kindergarten it’s a hard knock life. You can’t speak your mind yet, you constantly have sand in your underpants and you want to be really good in singing classes but you’re simply NOT the best. Mom and Dad still find you adorable (sort of), you’re looked after, you’re fed, you’re happy but in the paradise of Kindergarten you still experience daily child on child warfare.




You grow.

You read, listen and learn.

And then you go to Primary school.

In primary school you get Prestic smeared in your hair, get called names, grow too fast – or not at all, you like Pop Bands and red koel-drank. Mom and Dad help with homework and reprimand you for still peeing skew but still find you endearing while holding onto the eternal hope that lingers that you will be an A grade student whilst still having a budding sports career.


You change.

You read, listen and learn a little less.

Then High School.

Any male teenager has a few life instances in common.  Embarrassing vocals tones, HAIR – NEW HAIR – FACE HAIR actually ALL THE HAIR EVERYWHERE, girl or boy crushes (whatever floats your boat), musical and recreational exploration and the oh-so-popular public boners. As a broody teenager you form your own (sometimes not so accurate) opinions, make lifelong friends and create a strange little world of your own. And although you’re going through one of the many enlightening periods you’ll have throughout your life, your parents despise you and are secretly or not so secretly wishing for the day you leave the comfy nest called home. You damn freeloader. 



The Grind Radio has surpassed both its Kindergarten and Primary School phase, and is currently just getting out of the angsty rebel, bad hair-cut phase and needs to leave home…

Our exceptionally curious growing spurts, which have occurred from April 2013, would make any doctor cry, as the growth rate is slightly out of the ordinary.

Eventually our balls dropped, we graduated high school, got the hottest girl in school (she studied art and has 2 tattoos at 18) not to mention the truck load full of optimism in our pockets. Matric vacation was a blast but now it’s time to buckle down, hit the academic radio broadcasting stuff and begin a new era.

Ladies and Gentleman, The Grind Radio is going to College…and it’s at Open Window. The kind fellas at Open Window accepted us into their esteemed establishment for us to grow, achieve and conquer the world together. Along with our favorite homies – Arcade Empire, who have additionally opened an amazing food bar at Open Window- we are starting a new chapter together.

We would like to thank open window for giving us this amazing opportunity, and Arcade Empire for holding our hand through the entire process and most importantly our fans…

You guys are the best, and keep listening!

To infinity and beyond!




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