TiMO ODV interview

DJ, producer and songwriter Timo ODV, released to brand new track earlier this year. Just after the drop we caught up with the Man himself about how he keeps himself focus, the new singles and his Spotify queue.

In 2015 you released save me, alongside  Sarah Jackson and it exploded on to the local market. ‘Save Me’ and ‘Dancing Again’ has over 7 million streams each and both have gone double platinum!

Absolutely mad! Did you expect such an overwhelming response?

Never in my wildest dreams. I’m still pretty amazed when people know the songs I made and make today.

You produced Feel Your Love’s sound last year an wrote the lyrics this year.

When working on a song over such a long period is it tricky to keep your end vision intact?

Yeah definitely. Its especially difficult to have the song still mean something to you after such an extended period of time that you work on it.

“FEEL YOUR LOVE is about feeling something for someone, but not always knowing how to express it.” There is this thing called love language. Some people need to talk to feel love. Others like spending time around people they love and others like giving gifts to express their inner feelings. When it comes to matters of the heart what makes you feel loved and appreciated?

My love language would be touch, to be honest.

I find it to be a beautiful art to be able to make a song that kind of makes the human body jump into autopilot and groove. From a creator side do you have a different approach for creating a club banger? Or do all songs have the same Starting point?

Photo Cred Adrien Conradie
Photo Cred Adrien Conradie

They all start differently; sometimes the bassline, sometimes the drums, but its always the drums and bass that make you subconsciously move your body.


What’s in Timo ODV’s Spotify Queue?

Lots of Drumcode and lots of Drake!

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