Top 5 Things To Look Forward To At Up The Creek

Since it is the eve of Up The Creek 2016, I thought we should look at The Grind Radio’s Top 5 Things to look forward to at Up The Creek this year. I have been to two Up The Creek festivals and I have to say that it is one of my favorite festivals to attend in the vast variety of festivals one can attend in South Africa.

The festival started out as a birthday party 26 years ago and has grown into one that simply can not be missed. You must be asking yourself “Why is That?” Well, today I’m going to give you the top 5 things you should look forward to at Up The Creek this year.


1. The River:

Oppikoppi has the dust, STRAB has the beach and Mieliepop has the cave bar, but one thing those festivals do not have is a river.
Up the Creek takes place on the banks of the Breede River at Round The Bend farm (about 30 km outside Swellendam). The venue does have a lack of trees in the camping area, but who wants to sleep in their tent during the day when they can float on a lilo, makeshift pirate boat or floating barrel bar in the tranquil waters of the Breede River?
On the Saturday of the festival there is usually a contest that takes places, which has become known as “Anything that Floats”. You can win prizes in various categories for being creative with your floatation device… Pretty kiff if you ask me!
If you’re planning to float in the river all day, make sure that you put on sunscreen. It gets boiling hot during the day (between 35 and 39 degrees) and you don’t want to head back home looking like me (aka Lobster Boy).


2. The Artists / Bands:

The line-up for Up The Creek 2016 is pretty damn amazing and you should try to see at least one of these acts when you’re there:
Shortstraw, Sannie Fox, Bye Beneco, Dave Ferguson, Albert Frost & Robin Auld, The Ballistics, The Vanilla, Stoker, Grassy Spark, Nomadic Orchestra, Al Bairre, Georgetown, Southern Wild, Crimson House Blues, Hatchetman, The Black Cat Bones, Bark, December Streets, Jonathan Peyper Trio, Gerald Clark and the Dead Men, Guy Collins, Akkedis, Piet Botha, Kings Down South, The Coast, Rubber Duc, The Streaks, Bandolero, Goodluck Live (DJ Set), Jon Savage, Slow Jack, Basson Laubscher, Wynand Davel, Friso Woudstra and Dylan Pistorius.

You should take note that the stages don’t run at the same time, so you don’t really have an excuse if you miss any of these awesome acts.




3. The Cocktails:

Up The Creek has had the Titanic cocktail since the early days and as the years have gone by, they have adjusted their bar menu plenty of times and are always testing new ideas. This year they have the Titanic (aka the infamous ‘big blue’ drink) back again, the Life Raft (Sedgwick`s Old Brown with Ginger Ale) and a new addition to the festival, the Rubber Duck. It’s a mix of vodka, Sedgwick`s and Orange Juice – easy and refreshing to drink on the scorching hot days at the Breede and with a lekker bite to it that will keep you on your feet.




4. The Vibe:

I’ve been to tons of music festivals in my lifetime and I have to admit the two times I made my way down to the river has been extra special. The vibe is what you want to it to be. You can drink yourself into a coma during the day and experience the awesome river vibes and chill at night or do it the other way around (stay in the shade during the day and party your arse off at night). Or you could just get a glucose drip and wing it all three days straight. Just keep yourself hydrated and remember to put on suntan lotion. Whatever floats your boat.


5. The Sedgewicks Food Court Stage:

Hidden away inside the wonderful food court is the open-mic food court stage. Bring your instrument and or your voice, plug in and entertain everyone. As a festival attendee you’re bound to find something of interest, so sit around a table of strangers, enjoy your meal of choice and walk away with new friends.
A few pointers to take note of:

The tap water at Up the Creek is not suitable for drinking. Please take along your own bottled water OR just a bottle that you can use to fill up from drinking water supplied freely. There will of course be bottled water for sale at the festival bars.
Take cash. There will be an ATM on the grounds, but due to poor signal, it is not always in working order. No open fires are allowed. Gas cookers are allowed. Own alcohol is allowed in the camping area only. No glass bottles are allowed so make sure to decant your bottles into plastic bottles.
Make the most of the festival and weekend away: Gates open at 3 PM on Thursday 28 January and close at 5 PM on Sunday 31 January.
Try to get their early on Thursday to avoid the cues and drive slowly on the dirt road from the N2, there have been a few accidents in recent years.

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