WIN TICKETS – Jose Cuervo – Who’s in?

In case you have been living under a rock for the past few months and had no idea about Jose Cuervo’s massive street party, then listen up!  On the 22nd (Johannesburg) and 23rd (Cape Town) of November, Jose Cuervo will be hosting the best party to end 2013 with. A killer line up of the best local bands and including international acts The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals. To make things even better, I have double tickets to give away to each event.

Jose Cuervo


Johannesburg Line up


19h00 – Vampire 9000

20h00 – Shortstraw

21h00 – Kidofdoom

22h00 – Desmond & The Tutus

23h00 – The Subways


21h00 – Half n Half

22h30 – Weasel

00h30 – Fun Lovin’ Criminals DJ Set


21h00 – Lil Bow

22h00 – Sasquatch

23h00 – Yo Grapes

00h00 – Moe Joe

01h00 – Doctor Khumalo

Cape Town Line Up


18h00 – The Future Primitives

19h00 – Beach Party

20h00 – Beast

21h00 – Taxi Violence

22h00 – aKING

23h00 – The Subways


21h00 – Robfather

22h00 – Gateway Drugs

23h30 – Big Exit

00h30 – Fun Lovin’ Criminals DJ Set

01h30 – Sideshow


21h00 – Battle Beyond The Stars

23h00 – YOH! DJ Set

00h00 – Naas

01h00 – 4th

02h00 – Ryan Gosling

Tickets are on sale for R100 at Webtickets. Please note this is an 18+ event.

COMPETITION TIIIME! In order to stand a chance to win yourself a pair of tickets to either the Joburg or Cape Town event, comment on this post to let us know, if you were to be a fun lovin‘ criminal – what would your crime be?

Competition closes Wednesday 20 November 2013 at 12pm.

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And watch them on YouTube: /JoseCuervoSA


Winner of the tickets to the Jose Cuervo #WhosIn massive street party is… (Drum roll please…) Heleen van Tonder!!

8 responses to “WIN TICKETS – Jose Cuervo – Who’s in?”

  1. I crave food most times of the day and I’ve had the urge in the past to just walk past someone plate and grab a delicious treat. So I guess I would steal food of plates because I’m. A food monster!!!!

  2. I’m obsessed with records and old music. If I were to be a fun loving criminal, I’d somehow go on a Matrix mission into the world of Austin Powers, streal his time machine. I would then transport myself back to Woodstock and marvel at the insane acts and just be one with the hippies!

  3. I want to walk around and smile at people walking past me, in a non freaky, kind way. And every one not smiling back I want to hit with a stick called “stop it”. Stop being so self centered and be more friendly.

    And in this scenario I am the law so they will just have to acknowledge they deserved the sting from “stop it” and smile and be a better person.

    Beating people up for a good cause.

  4. Imagine finding yourself in a mansion so offensively over-sized , leaving a trail of breadcrumbs wouldn’t keep you from getting lost, unoccupado for at least a few days.
    If I was a fun-lovin’ criminal I would break into a house like this one with a few of my closest friends. I would start with the fridge and work my way up. Wear their clothes , abuse their sound system , enjoy all their excess entertainment goods , float in their heated swimming pool , bake in their sauna , drink a nice gin&tonic in their jacuzi and probably run around naked singing along to The Subways.

    Stealing and vandalism is not part of the equation.

  5. My crime would be stalking out all the music fests!…being so happy and cheerfull that they just let me in with out a ticket because of my hypnotic smile and killer dance moves, I would also get free Cuervo as soon as I get to the bar stealing all the tequila till the last drop is finished! It would be so much fun that it gets murderously awesome!

  6. If I were to be a fun lovin’ criminal I would steal all the unforgettable moments by taking pictures of all the people taking Jose Cuervo shots while enjoying their favourite tunes .. 🙂 *

  7. If I was a fun-lovin’ criminal I would stop all clocks at 12 on the weekend, and only reset them when the sun rises, so that one could party all through the night, without stupid closing times/alc.laws ending partys early

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