Win tickets to Oppikoppi 2015

Oppikoppi The Fantastic Mr. Vos Vos is less than 20 days away and if excitement isn’t gripping you by the balls or bra-strap, then there just might be something wrong with you. Oppikoppi is turning 21 this year and I’ve been lucky enough to attend 17 Oppikoppis (3 of which were April festivals) over the years. The “dust bowl” has truly come a long way since that first festival I attended way back in 1998 and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it goes down.


More than 100 artists will be performing on 6 different stages from the 7th to the 9th of August 2015. You don’t need me to tell you that it’s going to be one hell of a jol (because Oppikoppi always is) and the line-up featuring acts like Gogol Bordello, Francois van Coke, aKING, Shortstraw, Johnny Clegg  and countless other great acts should instantly sweep away any stupid doubts that you have in your mind.

If you’re looking forward to this year’s festival and you haven’t bought your ticket on yet, we have great news for you: The Grind Radio is giving away 4 tickets to Oppikoppi The Fantastic Mr. Vos Vos!

All you need to do to enter is comment on this article and tell us your greatest Oppikoppi story. It can be long, short, sad, funny, interesting, mind-blowing or however your experience was, we don’t mind. If you’ve never been to Oppikoppi and you want to enter, leave a comment and tell us what you would be willing to do to get hold of one of these tickets.

Hint: Tweeting a picture and mentioning @GrindRadio in it or posting a photo on the Grind Radio Facebook page wall to show evidence of your story / express what you are willing to do for these tickets will score brownie points with our judges. Use the #OppikoppiGrind hashtag when you are posting.

The competition is NOT open to under 18’s and closes on Friday the 31st of July at 12 noon. Winners will be notified via the Grind Radio Facebook page and on Twitter there after.

So, there you have it. You have a week and a half, so get commenting, Tweeting and Facebooking, the dust bowl awaits you…

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  1. OMW!

    My first and second oppikoppi (Sweetthing and bewilderbeast)

    Was with my best friend Bianca.

    We have this great memory at Bewilderbeast after rocking at the Redbull stage for HOURS with warm sour wine…. afterwards at 5 o clock on Sunday morning jamming to no music outside the gates!….. Wishing that the fest would never end, but it did 🙁

    This year I need a ticket for her and her loved one to come party with me and my loved one!

    Please help’a girl out!

  2. So…

    Have you ever been so blasted at Koppi that you asked the barkeep for a tequila “because I need another glass around my neck” and got refused because “you are too drunk” #koppifirsts

    36 hats, siting cushion, ring on every finger, flag as a cape, Cuervo shirt stained with Cuervo, 12 flash lights and chandelier of tequila glasses around my neck. Running around singing “Captain Cuervo, he’s our hero. Gonna take sobriety down to zero”

    Many a times running to people screaming “Earth!”… waiting for them to go “FIRE!”, “WIND” and “Cuervo”… no one did though.

    Would love to try again this year…

  3. My craziest Oppikoppi moment/ story involves one of The Grind Radio’s own dj’s…

    I’ll not tell you their name as yet.

    Once upon a drunken afternoon, myself and my cousin were sat in a now-defunct bar in Pretoria tossing back tequilas like it was the Mexican Revolution – in the middle of Hatfield. An Irishman (who refills fire extinguishers) overheard our conversation and decided to join and ask if we could take him along even before he introduced himself. He was pushing his Irish luck, but who were we to deny him this stranger from the Emerald Isles.

    We sat and drank until the time came to leave for Oppikoppi, some 4 days later. We drank some more before leaving – a highly irresponsible move but it was necessitated by the fact that we couldn’t find our Irishman – and we are men of our word, somewhat. We eventually found the Irishman in Boksburg and drove to Northam in the dark, a little tozzed at 19h45 – or it could have been earlier.

    We made it all the way until with 5km to go, the car buggered out – the clutch was proper fucked. As the intrepid explorers we were, we all sat on the roof of the car drinking OBS because leopards and all. And we all know that leopards like to hijack you in the dark.

    It must have been nearing 23h00 when we called a tow-truck to rescue us. Some portly looking gents in PT shorts came to our rescue, but while we waited I received a highly overserved call from this dj who is now a DJ at The Grind. This person was worried as they had not seen me and we had promised to raise all sorts of hell together. It was not until midnight we found ourselves at the dusty gates of Oppikoppi, and we had no place to camp. Enter the delightful blokes from Evolver One. They packed us and our wobbly feet into their panel van, set us up right next to their camp site and even put up our tent for us – we were THAT wasted. We’d somehow passed slightly tozzed and were in the Irishman’s home territory. We were 12 flavours of inebriated.

    It was at this time I decided to call my friend and find out where they were and how much mayhem was left for me to partake in. My friend answered after the phone rang a few times. They answered from the bottom of a pit filled with thorns, and then proceeded to hang up. I called again, but to no avail.

    Come morning and I was worried and slightly hungover and wandered from campsite to the next looking for my friend. I did not have to look for too long when I recognised a few of our mutual friends. I asked after the friend, and all the fingers pointed to a tent that looked like it had had a struggle with a bull and was still holding its own. Before I could do OR say anything, out stepped Katja covered in avocado. Yes, avo-fucking-cado. She remembered speaking with me and telling me she’s in a pit with thorns, but nothing about where the avo came from.

    Till this day, I don’t know if Katja will ever recover the truth behind the Great Avo Mystery of 2008.

  4. ah Oppi. So many amazing memories!
    I remember the first Oppi I went to. I was young! A whole group of us arrived together. Straight away, I felt the magic. I knew this was something unique. Something I had never experienced. Within 10 minutes, we were all screaming OPPI! And responding KOPPI! That night, I saw Albert Frost for the first time. Later that night, we were going crazy in the friendliest, most intense scank circle for Fuzigish I had ever been a part of. A band named old mol played their own version of teenage mutant nija turtles, and Josie Field stole my heart with her amazing voice. We partied so hard I lost my phone, and couldn’t find my tent. We walked in circles for hours, talking with people, laughing, and frankly, I didn’t even want to find my tent.

    I can’t afford a ticket this year, but holy sh1t would I love one!

    OPPI!… KOPPI!!!

  5. Hi.. my funniest koppie moment was when I was taking a leak in one of the porta potties. Drunk as shit not wanting to sit on the disscusting toilet seat as it was the 3rd day. I squatted over the toilet and was swaying backwards and foward because of the drunkeness. Before I knew it I was lying butt in the air outside of the porta pottie with my pants around my feet. My friend will never let my forget this ons. Please pick me!!!!

  6. In 2010 I lost my lift and had to hitch hike from Northam all the way back to Pretoria. The whole journey took a total of 10 hours. Think I might even still have photos of the blisters on my feet. Luckily I only walked a combined total of about a fith of the way between catching lifts and catching taxis

  7. Hmmm my greatest koppi story… Oppikoppi sexy crooked teeth. As a student I didnt have the funds available to get a ticket. Therefore we resorted to critical creative means . I collected glass cold drink bottles on south campus at tuks. I think I managed to collect approximately R400 worth of bottles over two months. And a friend sponsored me with the rest. I got a lift with one of my lecturer’s friends and hijacked my sister’s beer storage tent. I went there with a blanket, some beer and endless resources in friends. I spent every meal at a different friends camp and had a blast I even broke bread with random new friends. We actually ended up making stencils out of card board saying ‘oppikopi van die pale af’. ( which was the beelds headline that week due to the whole zuma thing) and spray paintent volunteers. Some people probably never managed to remove the enamel spray paint. All in all what made the adventure epic is that it was exaclty that. I went on a solo adventure meeting new people and connecting with old without being bound by anyone or anyhing and not knowig what will be next. I will never forget chilling in the dark bush listeni to a friend playing guitar and drinking a cup of coffee, made on the fire.

  8. oppi f#@ken koppi!!!

    so my memory of my first ever oppi was enjoying the naked run and deciding to spend the day naked because hey, its oppi!

    from visiting strangers camp sites starc naked to getting free drinks 🙂

    i hope i can do it all again this year at mr. Vos Vos!

    Our daily saying at oppi20 was “wow.. watta party!!!”

  9. My first Oppi was the best/funniest story. I was so excited to go, packed my bag a week prior to the event. Road tripped there with my best friends only to realise I had left my ticket at home when we arrived at the gate. After a few rounds of getting on my knees to beg the staff at the gate to let me in (I had a friend pick my ticket up at home that arrived later), they agreed to let me in and I could show them my ticket when it eventually arrived. But the trouble and stress was worth the effort. It was super fun!

    Let me have a ticket I can’t loose 🙂

  10. My first ever Oppi was almost a disaster to say the least. All of us were fresh out of school in our first year of varsity. We had heard many stories of the infamous Oppikoppi and decided that we needed to experience it for ourselves.

    Not knowing what to expect we packed clothes for every weather possibility (sun, rain, hail , snow, hurricane, you name it), plenty of booze (including a case of Windhoek in the hopes we would get a hoodie at the gate) and a student budget food.

    We found our way to the dust bowl eventually after first getting lost. Unfortunately we didn’t get Windhoek hoodies as we arrived too late. Despite a bit of a shaky start we were all still very excited and a bit nervous.

    We setup camp and began to party. We decided to leave everything in the car as it would be safest there, or so we thought. Late afternoon while coming back to grab a refill I managed to lock the car keys in the boot…

    The situation went from bad to worse when we realised that all the Windhoeks and our other alcohol, all our food, all our clothes and all our cellphones were now also locked in the car with the keys. We suspected that we were going to probably die of dehydration, starvation and/or hypothermia thanks to my little mistake.

    After frantically running around for a while and having my mates rage at me; we managed to borrow a cellphone to call the AA Roadside assist. The lady we spoke to clearly did not know what Oppikoppi was so trying to explain the location of the car seemed hopeless.

    Eventually we managed to get our GPS location to the AA, thanks to a suggestion by a helpful stranger, and we were told to wait while they sent a locksmith to us. I walked to the main gate, seeing as it was my fault, and waited patiently while everyone else went to enjoy the bands.

    Many hours later, the sun had begun to set as well as my hopes. At last the locksmith finally arrived. He himself was also now in a foul mood as he has waited in a two hour line to get into the festival area. I jumped in his car and showed him to our campsite.

    Sliding a coat hanger looking device down into the door and wiggling it furiously, the door opened and my car alarm sounded (I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to hear it). It also worried slightly me how easy it was to break into my car :/

    We opened the boot and once again we were reunited with my car keys and our stuff. We cracked open a beer to celebrate this great triumph as we said farewell to the locksmith. From that day forth I have tied my keys to one of the belt loops on my pants at every festival I go to.

    Despite this all happening it is still my favourite Oppikoppi and I have been back every year since!

    As for the what I would be willing to do for tickets part: I own a silkscreen and in my free time I print shirts for myself and friends. If I win I will gladly make some shirts with The Grind Logo on them for me and some of my mates I’m going with. We’ll wear them around Oppi and tell other prawns about the awesomeness that is The Grind Radio 😉

  11. As is tradition at most festivals – dropping a dusty bush deuce is one of the great necessary evils of our generation. For most it is nature’s way of telling you you’ve devoured too much of Kobus’s Gat’s roosterkoeke (true story) and need to cut a King Kong finger to make space for more. For others there are more esoteric causes for an ER drop in the bush.

    At Bewilderbeast, I had just procured what I believe was “Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carrolesque” quality psilocybin fungus from a friendly dude who said he’d had enough. I had never partaken of the fungus among us, and as an avid fan of Aldous Huxley i most stupidly ate about 4 gram of it at once.

    It was about an hour into it that I started feeling the poop rumble as well as the effects of the fungus. As many an Oppikoppier can attest to, there is a special pilgrimage the first time you wander solo at the festival. This was not one of those times. After about 20 minutes of humming the national anthem and pinching what felt like my guts inwards to avoid explosion, I finally floated towards a GROEN MONSTER – or portapotty – the greatest price in dignity a prawn must pay for his adventures in the dust…

    With the fear of shart-god in me I tore the door of the first one open, in the darkness – shadows enhanced and confusing from the fungus – and tore my shorts off ready to die. Much to my horror, someone in a similar psychotropic predicament was already inside and forgot to lock the door in her own adventure. What resulted was two very existentially distant people meeting – my naked ass on her naked lap – both fucked – in a portapotty, under a full moon near Northam. Thank the gods…in my terror at sitting on another bare human, I did not release the Krappen before realising I was not alone in the world. That would have gone way worse. Also, she was nice about it after the cursory freakout and my apologies and flight into the dark for a boskak – the safest option in my state.

    Gods bless oppi. And may I be blessed with double tickets that I may share this pilgrimage with my GF who is a virgin to the dust.

  12. Passing out in one of the log cabins and then waking up to find it was occupied by the whole Hog Hoggidy Hog crew! They were sweet and ensured the rest of Oppi was one to never forget

  13. Unknown brother, this is exactly what I was (Well sister to be technical)… 2011, I had finally turned 18 and it was time for my first Oppi! So I went with a group of people whom I didn’t really know that well. I took two tents (without Mom’s permission), my booze and what not. Got there, and immediately started partying. At some point in the night I lost everyone that I knew and remember walking around looking for the car and stopping at random groups of people drinking tequila out the bottle etc… then bam … nothing… I woke up in the middle of the night (I think) in a tent next to this guy and I thought “Ooh no what have I done”. Then a girl popped up next to him. Turns out it was his girlfriend, and I had passed out against their car, so they took me into their humble abode and saved me from the cold. They were so chilled; let me sleep there the whole night. Got an embarrassing round of applause the next morning from their group of friends; I looked like I had been in a war In Iraq from passing out in the sand the previous night. That is what I love about Oppi; everyone has such an awesome friendly spirit!! At Oppikoppi I will always be 18 til I die!! Going for my 5th Oppi this year! Oppi never disappoints!

  14. I wish I could tell my koppi stories but lamentably I cannot remember any due to having a fanfuckingtastic time
    Last thing I remember was raiding a dealer’s camp with a random dude who supplied us police vests. Why I cant remember the rest, speaks for itself.

  15. So guys… Last year I went to oppikoppi for the first time 😀 yay!!! And I went there with three goals : 1. To get shitfaced, 2. To steal someone’s Jose Cuervo straw hat (everyone seems to have one of those except for me :|) and last but not least see some good music and party hardy with friends… Instead I spent half the time looking for my drunk friend who was hooking up with her ex 10 000 times #scandal!! But I got to meet a lot of people in my search and heard a lot of great stories… Or not so great… like a girl peed in this one chaps tent (only at Oppi hey) I helped many drunk strays find their campsites, sort of… Or at least comfy-relatively safe places to sleep haha… My boyfriend and I made nasty in a friends tent cause we were sleeping in a luggage tent lol and we are assholes I suppose… I even met my boyfriends ex girlfriend 😀 ended up being inseparable all night (poor boyfriend) but I mean that’s the kind of place oppi is people are so chilled and I loved it!! So despite the futile searches for people, the hour spent folding up that little devil tent the last day and getting stuck in traffic (although I was sleeping-yay boyfriend) I would really love to go again and escape this corporate madness I find myself in everyday… So Please please pretty please with the nicest thing you could ever imagine ontop GIVE ME ONE OF THOSE TICKETS!!! Give me a chance to go do oppi right this year =P #helpabrokegirlout if you give me that ticket… I will paint the grind radio on my face everyday at oppi 😀 Do it you know you want to see it!!

  16. My first Oppi was last year, I could not possibly explain how excited I was to finally experience the hearty dusty festival!

    It all started at College one day when my best friend of 7 years and I decided to finally make the plunge and enjoy the grunge.

    After weeks of planning and preparing she unfortunately had to pull out the NIGHT BEFORE we had planned to leave (sheer devastation).
    So then my hunt for a new Oppi Buddie (and ride – because I had planned on driving with my bestie) had started…
    Fortunately for me my awesome bearded friend Kyle and his awesome bearded friend Ruan had space for me to tag along.
    But of course things couldn’t just run smoothly for me- my pops insisted that I go with people he knows and trusts (not knowing who my two bearded companions were)

    Aggg the frustration 🙈

    So I decided to bring my 18 year old, freshly out of high-school, brother.

    Our journey began at 3 o’clock on Thursday morning in the freezing cold, and slightly misty, Boksburg city. All four of us squished into Kyle’s epic Tazz, and with all our equipment and belongings – it was definitely cosy 👌

    It was an eventful ride and the view was stunning, driving into the dust while the sun rose up 😍

    After hours of travel, epic conversation and the best music to prepare us for Oppi, we finally arrived!

    The festival life overwhelmed me – I cannot explain exactly how I felt over those four days – but the ambiance, food, booze, music, people and overall experience was exhilarating – before I knew it I was lost in the crowds, between meeting awesome new people and discovering amazing new artists my soul was flourishing.

    Not only did I developed new and awesome friendships, but my existing relationships bloomed. My brother and I bonded like never before and my bearded mates became part of my happiness in life 💪

    My diverse love for all music and my desire for adventure was satisfied. Between the campfires and loosing my pack of metalheads, I always found my happy place in the dust at Oppikoppi ❤

    Oppikoppi is the heart and soul of South African culture – I cannot wait to be a part of it every year of my life 🎉

  17. After becoming “experienced” with the koppi…experience…the one year I decided not to pack a big suitcase. What a shlep. I put on some jean, a t-shirt and my docs. I wasn’t going to shower in the cold wind anyway. So the first night I got so drunk that I couldn’t get into the tent that my friend Sarah and I were sharing. (One of those “2 man” palaces) I struggled for hours and just couldn’t open the zipper so I finally decided to give up on trying to get INto the tent and rather sleep UNDER the tent. So, imagine, this little tent with a vrot pair of doc maartens sticking out from under it, like the witch from the wizard of oz. luckily Sarah woke up and thought I was some rodent under the tent and started hitting me in the face. I probably would’ve smothered to death if she didn’t. …anyway. The next day, being a big fan of peeing in the great outdoors,o decided to pee off the koppi. I climbed to the top near where the bar is, pants on ankles, squatting, peeing, drunkenly rocking until I lost balance and rolled down the koppi. I had to be taken to the medic tent where they told me that I had Torn my ligaments. My legs started to swell and they had to cut off my jeans. Now remember I didn’t bring any other clothes. Luckily, the paramedics were nice enough to lend me a hand towel for the rest of the weekend

  18. If anyone asks about what Oppi is about I ALWAYS tell this story because this one little incident sums up the experience perfectly. So here we go …

    I was standing in the long ass line waiting to wee out all the beer from the previous night when this man comes walking along the pathway. Shirtless, shoeless, covered in dirt (obviously, this is Oppi we talking about) and holding on to a 5 liter water bottle like it was his teddy bear. Of course, this bottle was not filled with water but with a red substance which I assumed to be wine. Such a sight was sure to catch the attention of all by standers.

    Anyways, he’s walking along stuck in his own world when he stops suddenly, looks up at the sky and screems, “aaaaarg”. Straight after this powerful call he leans over and performs one of the most impressive scenes of projectile vomiting I have EVER seen! At least 15 seconds of full on projectile (I wasn’t sure that was even humanly possible). Once it was all out his system he stands upright, wipes his mouth with the back of his arm and has a look of relief on his face like he has just reached the top of Kilimanjaro. Then he looks around as if he has noticed for the first time that there were people standing around. (All intrigued in his prawn performance). Expecting a small bit of embarrassment, I was sorely mistaken. He simply smiled the biggest smile and said “uuuuh sorry oaks” and continued on his journey as if nothing had happened.
    Everyone in sight was laughing until their stomach couldn’t take anymore and I heard the story being passed around at campfires or over a beer for the rest of the weekend.

    To this day I regret not tracking this man down and buying him a drink to thank him for such a grand performance.

    That’s Oppi. And we LOVE IT.

  19. I will truly will never forget the experience of my first Oppikoppi , its been to long since i had the time of my life but there was clearly some details i dont remember right , first of all i truly thought i met the band KISS at Oppi even going out of my way to asking them to sign my shirt :”D I Thought i met The guy who played the Hulk in the 80’s only to fid out it was some big giant oak i knew from uni :”D I even ended up sleeping in a random couples tent , thinking it was my mom and dads room. I Was clearly on the heaviest medication at Oppi 😉 For the life of me i want to try that again again and again!!! so please give me a chance!!!!

  20. So funny short story, last year my first oppi we arrived on the Wednesday, partied with red bull truck and woke up feeling horrid on Thursday morning, so I ask my mate for some panado and he throws me a panado holder with white pills in… (They weren’t panado). Anyway needless to say I only sobered up on Saturday evening with no memory of having moved camp sites, had an interview with a news paper, meeting some artists, or doing the naked mile…

    Story over 😂👌

  21. My Oppikoppi story:

    So last year, as the most exciting month of the year approached, I had a family friend over from Mauritius to check out Universities in the area and see how us Tukkies kids partied. Inevitably, after living with each other for nearly a month, a bit of a holiday fling began. Oppikoppi was to be our final hurrah before she set off back to the land of endless beaches and olive skinned French expats.

    It began pretty well. Got to Oppi, camped beside the Red Frogs (free pancakes for the win) and watched a lot of exciting bands on the Thursday. That night,however, is where it all went horribly wrong. After a solid drinking session our merry group set off for the stages hoping to party hard together and, most importantly, stay together. Unfortunately, the God’s of the Dustbowl Paradise of Oppikoppi had decided that night was going to end badly for yours truly.

    It began with a few beers. Then a few more. Then vodka and powerade in a camel pack. Now quite intoxicated my lady friend and i left for the safety of camp to fetch more booze and maybe do some other stuff. Then i lost her. In my drunken state i wandered the campsite looking for friends and stumbled upon a group of happy Afrikaaners who laughed at my attempts to “prat die taal” but eventually agreed to help me find someone i knew in exchange for me introducing them to my single lady friends. After climbing to the top of the Koppi we made the mistake of going down the other side to the electro stage which claimed its fair share of my knees and elbows as i crumpled down the hill. When I finally summitted that hill and returned home I was captured by the singing, happy folks down at the Red Frog tent who realized i needed to sit down and talk about life. Luckily after hours of chatting(probably no more than a few minutes) i left their tent and crawled into my tent… Only for me to crawl out moments later to throw up in front of my very sober saviors.

    Day one set the tone for the rest of the trip and it went from bad to worse. After the first night i felt so bad that I drove home during the internationals on the Saturday and to make things worse i found out my holiday fling had in fact been hooking up with one of my former friends.

    So that was my last Oppikoppi. Not one to remember but definitely one i intend to improve on this year.

  22. Oppikoppi 2013 – Bewilderbeast was our 3rd Oppi and you’d think by then you would have everything organised and sorted.

    We were 5 people traveling in one car, squashed and cramped bur very excited. When we got to Oppi we decided to quickly do the tent’s before loosing ourselves. We took the tent out, but only, there was no tent, only the tent COVER. We had left the tent at home, thinking it was just the floor sail……..

    We were capming with a big group of friends and they offered us a place to sleep (after trying to hang the tent’s cover from multiple tree’s for some kind of shelter) We were about 6 people in one tent, not a very big tent…

    The rest of Oppi was great, until the Sunday………

    Someone had come to our tent early early that morning and asked for the car key to get something out of our car – we have NEVER seen those car keys again; and we didn’t take a spare.

    We called my parent’s and explained what was going on, they had to drive all the way from JHB to bring us a spare key. We waited there until about 18:00 that night, with NO ONE there except the cleaners.

    One of my favorite Oppi’s!! Always tell this story, but will definitely make sure nothing like this happens again.

    My parents also actually only found out this week that we had forgotten the tent that year!! We didn’t want to tell them, but sitting reliving all our Oppi memories we mentioned it without thinking.

    PS. Can’t wait!!!! 10 more days! 😀

  23. Winning best camp at Sweet Thing and having a Ray Ban photo shoot with Jack Parow only to find out that he is no fun at all and nothing like the Kilpdrift drinking, joint smoking, girl banging party animal he seems to be fair though he was “working”. Still awesome though!! GIVE FREE TICKET……NOW!!😅😝

  24. My story is a short one. But a great one.

    At my first Oppikoppi, I ended up with people I haven’t met before because my friends don’t do Oppikoppi.

    On the Saturday, these new friends introduced me to the magic of gin, and kept on feeding me gon and by the time I wanted to go watch “fudgy fudgy” (fuzigish) I was so wasted that I couldn’t even stand. They took me to the festive ground and left me in the care of Shaun, who bought me a shot of Captain every time I asked for water.

    The night ended with me completely missing Koos Kombuis, and them searching for me for HOURS and eventually finding me passed out just outside my tent.

    The next day I had gin again.

    Check your FB page for a video.

  25. Last year I was finally convinced to go to my first oppi.

    At some unearthly hour of the morning I somehow managed to find my way back to the tent. I passed out with my head inside and my feet outside. My friend noticed, woke me up and told me to go to to bed. I then proceeded to take my shirt off cause I wanted to put my jacket on. After my friend told me to stop being a retard I started to shake our other passed out friend, screaming ‘is this a person or a heater?!’… Apparently I must have cold. I got told all of this the next morning, I didn’t remember any of it!

  26. Soul Reaping

    After 19 Oppikoppi’s I have more than 500 stories which were life altering and hilarious, however I chose one which reflects ploughing back into the Oppikoppi community.

    During 2011 I was in a major car accident 2 weeks before Oppikoppi. After the accident I had to pull over next to the highway to take the other person’s details. As we were exchanging details another car smashed into our cars and hit me on the leg as I was diving out of the way. Long story short – I broke my ankle and had to go in for an operation. 2 weeks later I went to Oppikoppi with a cast and crutches.

    During the festival I lost my friends and I was wandering around looking for them, until a person approached and asked me if I believed in God. He proceeded to pray for the quick healing of my leg. 5 minutes and 10 meters later I was approached by another person for the same reason. This gave me an idea…

    I started my soul buying business at Oppikoppi in 2011. While I was looking for my friends I approached random strangers and offered them R100 for their souls. An offer most people accepted with a smile, that is until I gave them the R100 note and expect nothing from them in return. They started to giggle nervously and said: “You really just want to give me R100 for my soul?” to which I stoically reply: “yes”. They would then uncomfortably decline my offer. I asked 77 people that question of which only 7 said yes, the only one who accepted the offer without a twitch was the security guard at the ATM. Out of the 7 who said yes all 7 returned the following day pleading for their souls back. To which I would reply: “No Backsies”

    Since then I have bought 24 souls, of which one is the soul of a GrindRadio employee.

    Unfortunately the start-up costs of this business has put me in a situation where I cannot afford an Oppikoppi ticket this year. I would like to attend another Oppikoppi, which would be my 20th (Including Easters) not only for myself, but for the other 24 souls in my possession as well.

    Please award me a ticket, do it for my soul, for all the other souls and also for the soul of your one employee.

    Christian (I know right?)

  27. I’ll never forget the first time I met Pestroy. I went to oppi with my ex boyfriend, well he was my boyfriend at that time. So we went there speacilly for Pestroy. When I saw them live for the first time I went crazy luckily enough I was going crazy right next to their friend and he did the most amazing thing for me. He went backstage after their performance to tell them about me, and weirdly enought they wanted to meet me. I saw them coming straight towards me and they all gave hugs and told me that I can call any time to chill with them. It was super awesome, I couldn’t believe it I cried so much like someone just kicked me in the face. I’ll never forget that day. THE BLACK GIRL THAT’S CRAZY ABOUT PESTROY.

  28. My OppiKoppi story hales from OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast 2014, the big two-oh, and my great third. It’s the sort situation you only ever hear about in those famed Oppi-analogies but never think you’ll experience for yourself.

    At about 4am on Saturday morning I was awakened by my tent-mate, Bridget. It had been a long night of dancing and I was properly KO’d with little grasp on the current situation. She asked whether I knew the person in our tent to which, understandably, my response was “what the hell are you talking about?” Bri pulled back the covers to expose the extra human wedged between us. I pulled myself back to reality as the full magnitude of the situation dawned on me…especially the fact that I had not noticed the unzipping of our tent nor the person crawling in between us.

    Our first mode of action was to wake said person (easier said than done) and extract answers. To our relief this was a female person, making the situation slightly less creepy and, had she been a small human, we probably would have left her there for convenience sake but, alas, she was not, as well as being on the wrong end of a weekend without a shower. With much effort, groaning and angry, Afrikaans swearing we managed to sit her up. It had clearly been a long night for her too…a long night on the end of a vodka bottle because there was zero coherence. This girl would have made war interrogators weep. We tried to determine campsite location, who she was camping with and whether she had someone to call. She claimed no to all except the latter, stating that she could call her sister. At that, she pulled out her digital camera and began dialing. Due to a lack of answer, or dial tone for that matter, she concluded that the batteries must be flat and promptly removed these. At this point Bri and I knew we were in for a real struggle. Her general aggression (and odour) made it impossible for us to allow her to stay and we embarked on our mission to remove her from our tent. The most perplexing component of the whole situation was how she had come to arrive at our campsite without shoes. Based on this we concluded that she couldn’t have travelled from far and eventually managed to expel her from our tent and send her on her way.

    Cruel? Yes. However, rest assured that we saw her sitting in the adjacent campsite later that morning, none the wiser to the events that had unfolded earlier that morning. The real cherry on the cake was, we later found out, that our camp-mates in the tent next to us had woken up during this debacle, using it as entertainment value rather than offering any assistance at all.

    Based on this you can see that I am willing to face adversity for OppiKoppi, attributing it to the greater Oppi-experince so if a ticket were to make it my way you know I would use it well. Even sharing a tent with a smelly stranger won’t deter me and you better believe I would do it again for a trip to this fabulous, dusty festival and a stay in Mordor.

    P.S. there is unfortunately no photographic evidence for this tale as the camera in this story fulfilled a vastly different purpose.

  29. Yeah this one time I got Herbie, Fully Loaded on some really powerful MDMA (yeah yeah drugs are bad but we are all adults here) and my brain basically wrote JOU POES in serotonin all over my face for what felt like hours. At some point during this experience I got very cold, and ended up hugging a metal bin with a fire in it, telling the other people around the bin that I loved them deeply and implicitly while also drinking all their drinks. I should note that it was only about 6pm and people were not exactly receptive to these kinds of LEVELS OF EMOTION. There is no real narrative climax to this story except that I later ended up in a tree grinding someone’s boyfriend, thus being the star of my own, personal Why Your Life Probably Needs Jesus commercial. So yeah, I basically need a ticket so I can go and disregard my own advice all over again. And maybe find that chick’s boyfriend again.


  30. At Oppikoppie Odyssey last year, I had the absolute time of my Life. I’m from Australia and this was a flippen lekka way to experience South Africa and its people.
    With my mate Trent’s Kombie packed full of booze, friends and supplies, we road tripped to the dust bowl and set up camp.

    But the fun really begun, the very next day.

    This is a fucking long metaphorical rhyming story, that I partly wrote at Oppi and then finished later.It is about my adventures and quests that I missioned to do that in the end, won me the award and title of “Craziest Mother Fucker” at Oppikoppie 2014. Enjoy haha.:D

    My oh my, what a Day it has been.

    Well the day before yesterday,
    which is and was also today,
    I had bacon eggs and shrooms for breakfast.
    I took my medicines and my vitamins and grew.

    In the beginning of that big Day,
    I planted a Magic Seed that was a bean,
    given to me,
    in my sock.
    From that Seed I have grown like a tree.
    Up and around its vine wound,
    till later that Day,
    I was rooted to the ground.
    But that was later,
    now its time for the now now.

    Taken under the wing of The Music Tutor
    I learnt to see sound in a different way.
    Oh how little did I know
    that his words would affect that which should only be heard,
    and turned sound into a visual display.

    On a quest to help a friend,
    whose name I did not know and whose whereabouts was unknown.
    I ventured and adventured down this seemingly endless road.
    Where oh where are thou?! I cried.
    But no one did know.

    At first I thought it was a Curse.
    But because of a friend I met along the way,
    I learnt that this Curse was no curse indeed,
    but a Blessing, hey?
    A Blessing because I met friends like him,
    down this long and dusty road.
    And so, as not to deplete all that I had quested to give,
    I hid it away.
    Away for another day.
    And from there the next part of my Day began to come into play.

    “Whats the Time?”
    Dared someone ask
    Me, I’m a Time-Man,
    so then at that particular Time
    I was happy to comply.
    But upon asking,
    those around let out a sigh
    “Right now we’re in the land of no Time.”
    So to set my self straight,
    and all the rest.
    I changed the clock.
    Turning on my stopwatch.
    and thereby affecting My Own and Thines’ Threads of Time.
    Is it 7 or 8?
    Your guess is as good as mine mate.

    Along came a Snake.
    He slipped inside my mouth and slid his way down.
    Turned around and became my right arm.
    He’s a sneaky fellow.
    But I like him,
    he’s my good mate.
    I want you to meet Terri,
    Terri the Tiger Snake.

    Why hello there you beautiful creature.
    And yes I will call you a creature.
    For are we all not creatures of some kind?
    Some are animals,
    I personally am a mammal,
    but you are more.
    And oh yes it is you whom I adore.
    We grew together,
    me and you,
    because of my Brothers,
    of the Shroom.
    Your my other half, my right branch.
    ” I will never part from you.”

    A Disco Biscuit for supper.
    It gives us a bit of an upper
    and now its time to dance.
    But I lose you,
    as I always seem to do.
    I don’t know where you flew.
    Oh how I miss you.

    So there I go,
    walking through the darkness,
    and who should materialise into sight
    but The French Imp
    and his Minions of the Night.
    Leading us,
    The Devilish Troop,
    on a merry dance from whence we came.

    As we walked,
    I talked.
    Delving into my Day thus far.
    And they listened with their mouths slightly ajar.
    As I relearnt myself and I-self taught them,
    that we all need to do,
    is go with the flotion
    of the motion
    of the Ocean.
    And ride that flow baby.

    Sitting upon my Throne,
    with my Fellow Sun Followers
    sitting beside and behind me.
    We part the Seas like Moses or Three Me’s ago.
    The Red and Blue Sea combine
    and there between two koppies
    the Golden Eye kisses the Sky,
    and swims in an ocean of red, orange, white and blue.

    An Embryotic Chick flowed down my throat,
    sheltered in my Womb
    and grew inside of me.
    Its brother didn’t want to come in,
    so stayed in my hand instead.
    I built it a Nest,
    in my shirt pocket.
    And there if he wished,
    he could rest.
    I named him Phoenix.

    Ah huh! I have found you!
    The Friend whose name I did not know
    and whose past, but not current whereabouts,
    was unknown.
    Alas it is a good thing
    that I hid from myself that now which I did give.
    Because before,
    earlier that Day,
    that Brandy was disappearing,
    like I was pouring it down through a sieve.

    Drinking it now in celebration,
    I then play Beer Pong against the Broken Wizard,
    with his Broken Wizard Staff,
    and The Cousin of the One Horned Bull.
    Using my own Wizard Skills to block,
    deflect and also reflect their throws with jubilation and glee.
    My team mate and I,
    The Broken Wizards Brother,
    play them for fools
    and as we finally throw the final ball into the final cup,
    we both shouted yippee!

    That stoked the Bull,
    who awoke from his slumber
    and joined his Cousin.
    So to make it fair,
    the Jubilant Man joined Me and the Wizards Brother.
    And once more we all did dare.

    The Evil Eye upon my Left Hand
    watches all you do.
    So beware your step.
    But The Evil Eye is also telling a deceitful lie.
    It’s not actually The Evil Eye.
    It’s The Golden Eye that I saw kiss the Sky.
    It rises every morning and sets every dusk.
    Or is that just another Lie?

    Painting tapestries both black and white
    with colour and grace,
    you grace me with your presence.
    I paint your arm and you paint my lips.
    A cheeky pink moustacheo
    that paints your own nose pink,
    as our upper and lower lips press against one anothers’
    and we sink into momentary bliss.
    A wee bit cheeky don’t you think?

    With The Earth upon my Left Forearm,
    I let Phoenix watch the World turn.
    But he tumbled from his Nest,
    and cracked his head.
    He’s ok though.
    He’s not broken.
    It’s just a little crack,
    And no ones perfect.
    Everyone’s got their own little crack,
    their own form of disfigurement.
    Mine’s upon my own Left Lower Cheek.

    Off into the veld,
    I felt the way I needed to go.
    Whats that in the grass?
    Is it a snake?
    No, but I like it anyway.
    I found my Tree.
    It’s not the First You,
    but it will have to do.
    It’s contours fit my contours
    and Terri likes to hang from your branches.
    It’s my Tree Staff.

    I came home with my Brothers,
    but oh how I miss my own Sister,
    my twin separated by two years.
    She’s my Opposite but we’re the Same.

    But any who,
    My Brothers and I grew up together.
    We grew up together in our Mushroom Home.
    We’re the Shroom Family.
    So being at home,
    I planted my Tree,
    and rooted myself to the ground.

    As the Second Sun set
    during my big Day whilst at my Second Home,
    my Brother,
    whose brother,
    who was also now my Brother,
    was to be having his Birthday on the coming Monday.
    My oh my that was then only three more technical days away.
    But anyway,
    the Brother whose Birthday was not yet on the way,
    gave me his Cloak as I began to feel a chill.
    “Keep it.
    It means the world to me,
    but I want you to have it.”
    My heart,
    whose other half the Other Brother did eat,
    began to fill.
    I didn’t at first
    even know where to start.
    All I can do is thank and let a thought take root in my mind.

    I went home to my First Home,
    the Kombie down the road and to the left.
    I nap a while
    and then exit my tent.
    I see a dark shape by the fire,
    a friend who needs the light.
    We talk,
    him and I,
    well I whisper
    as I can not talk louder than that
    and thats not a lie.
    And I give him some of my light,
    to smite the darkness from his eyes
    and keep him from his demise.

    I then picked myself up
    and dusted myself off,
    down the dusty road once more.
    As I walked,
    I again put thought into my Day thus far
    and remembered something I had thought was gone;
    I have been a Father and helped a Son.
    But that was before I came home with a Brother
    and learnt that everyone has to love one another
    for Peace to come.

    Ok so where was I now?

    Ah yes, well again I went to dance and entrance,
    to charm and bewitch.
    To put People beneath My Evil Eye
    and let Terri bite The Creature’s;
    head neck or thigh.
    But as the final sound waves disappeared from sight,
    away into the night,
    so did I,
    to go and await the Light.

    With glowing green throat,
    and a darkness enshrouding cloak.
    The Watcher waits.
    Silent as the dead of night
    waiting for the Sun’s might.
    Speaking when spoken too,
    whispered prophesies and philosophies
    of the darkness
    and of the light.

    Roosting below and beneath the twinkling sky
    that shimmered and glimmered
    above around
    and between,
    the branches of a tree and me.
    I let out a content sigh.
    Oh how I love Life.

    Wolf Dawn greets the Day.
    It’s again almost time to play.
    It’s time to Rise Again.

    Apart of and at one with the Tree,
    that was previously before me,
    when I sat upon my Sun Throne.
    I gazed with awe
    as a more beautiful sunrise
    I have never since,
    or before.
    Greeted me and the World.

    The Lioness has chased away the Wolf
    and bought Colour to the Earth and Sky.
    To the Trees and the Leaves.
    And to All Things in around and between.

    The Steenbok and The Jackal
    meet The Snake.
    The Jackal wants to bite the Bok,
    but the Snake swallows them both whole for funs sake.
    Pulling them along my trail,
    right behind my tail and in my wake.
    I take them and myself once more,
    where only two technical days before,
    I sat with The Jester and His Assistant,
    The One Horned Bull
    and I’m sure one more.
    Smokin and tokin
    Lookin off the Koppie,
    eating a Golden Teddy Bear.

    The Jackal then makes and creates
    The Mighty Green Wand
    and puts us all under a spell.
    It lifts us to its feet,
    and possesses our beings.
    Marching us down the road.
    So going with the flotion
    of the motion of the ocean.
    We set sail.
    Sailing away to distant lands.

    Terry is growing old.
    His skin is flaking.
    He needs a new coat.
    Needs bright colours to make him glow.
    He needs to be ready for his Show.

    Cheers sound from across the lane.
    Whats this?
    Naked men ready to run.
    Well this can not be.
    I’m still fully clothed!
    It’s time to be Free!

    Two girls join the group.
    One Black one White.
    Now all is fair.
    Everything is right.
    Man, woman, black and white.
    No clothes to hide behind.
    We’re all the same.
    It does not matter.
    Black white old and young,
    standing tall and proud without a care.
    Daring all to stare.

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!
    And we’re off!
    Running through the Womb of Humanity,
    I was Reborn.
    Reborn into a World of Laughter and Joy.
    A World of Equals.

    My heart beats with the thud of my bare feet slapping the earth.
    Hundreds of hoarse throats scream their support
    and inside of me
    I feel the Chick I swallowed the day before
    open its wings and roar.
    Spreading my own wings
    I let out a laugh and soared.
    I’m Free!

    Growing sick and weary once more,
    I sit down with the Broken Wizard,
    and the Dark Friend who Found the Light,
    and I discuss how my plight
    is not yet over.
    I still have so many quests to complete.
    So The One Horned Bull thrusts into my hand,
    his Horn of Magic Potion,
    and demands I down it.
    Filled with power and strength,
    it’s time to adventure once more.
    To go and dance on the D-Floor.

    Ahh why hello there my Dreaded Coffee Bean,
    My Gord girl you like to get down and funky.
    We’re like The Two Dreaded Monkeys,
    well thats how it seems to me.
    Metaphysically and figuratively,
    but apparently…

    I follow you through the trees and over the rocks
    away to distant lands
    and as we sit side by side
    hand in hand
    I see your eyes go wide.
    Turns out I’m not your Monkey.

    Well well well, that was close.

    Back to the Zoo.
    Where the human creatures reside.
    Dancing and prancing.
    Showing off their plumage and their shiny new coats.

    I see you and you see me.
    Your my Black Shadow
    and I your White.
    The others opposite mirror.
    Terri’s hungry.
    He wants to bite.
    And so do I.

    A sneaky bite to the lips
    and hands on each other’s hips
    as we swing around and kiss.
    Always in time to the sound waves
    and never girl
    was there a beat that we did miss.

    Walking down the dark and dusty road,
    with Terri holding your hand.
    My heart begins to race as we go back to your tent.
    A kiss on the lips and a murmured Good Night
    followed quickly by a snore.
    Huh? Awwww

    Well my day is not yet over.
    Goodnight and Goodbye my Shadow.

    From fire to fire
    and group to group
    I go.
    Walking and talking,
    telling a Rhyming Story.
    Being the Story Teller.
    I enchant and hypnotise
    as I speak my Incantation.

    I’m a lucky man,
    this I know.
    I dance with the Devil to often,
    But Lady Luck always pulls me away,
    and I dance with her instead,
    in the Devil’s sway.
    So I want to give some of that Luck away
    and give it to my Brother.
    I feel he needs my Lucky Card,
    My Silver Ace of Spades,
    more than I.
    Taking it in my hand I put some more luck into it,
    and a bit of joy aswell, then put it in my pocket.
    Ready to present to My Brother and make his Day.

    Hmmmm I don’t quite know
    where the rest of the night did go,
    but I remember being at home,
    my first home,
    when You came to our door.
    Our energies entwined and combined
    the moment our eyes met.
    “Would you like to come watch the Sun Rise?”

    The King and Queen sit on their Throne
    huddled together against the predawn cold,
    alone under the Wizard Cloak.
    Drinking and talking,
    eyes staring,
    our heads moved closer and closer.
    And when our lips first touched,
    The Phoenix hatched and flew.
    Off the Koppie and into the deep depths of Oppi.

    Sailing back home,
    with smiles breezing our way,
    after we greeted the final and 3rd Sunrise
    of the Day.
    We anchored our selves side by side.
    But who should come into our bay?
    The Pirate.

    “Join my crew
    we sail in the Summer”
    I’ll join you
    but I’ll be no mate.
    You can call me,
    The Captain.

    It’s time to complete my Quests.
    Time to go raiding,
    It’s Time to fill my Treasure Chest.
    And give what I find
    to that whom it fits best.
    It’s Time to Sail.

    I must find My Second Home.
    I must say goodbye and give my Lucky Card
    to My Brother and to the Other
    a gift from my newly acquired Treasure.
    Not only that.
    But I need my Tree Staff.
    It’s needed by another.

    I found them as they were uprooting themselves.
    Pulling from the ground and getting ready to go.
    “Hello my Brothers.
    I have something for the two of you.”
    Giving them each a hug,
    a present and a goodbye,
    I said my farewells.

    I walked away with My Tree over my shoulder.
    It had shifted and altered,
    revealing it’s true guise,
    as actually being a Wizard’s Staff.
    The Staff I shall give the Broken Wizard.

    Sallying on
    I decided it was time to find a ship.
    Time to sail.
    Time to return.
    Time to go.
    Hmmmm who though?

    A fine ship and its Orange Curled Captain
    catches my Eye.
    “Ahoy there matey.”
    May I hitch a lift?”
    “Yar you may join me,
    me and my Ship ‘The Beetle’
    will sail when her engines do blow.”
    “How long will that be?”
    “Arrrghh… That I do not know.”
    “Well then I shall continue to plunder,
    and see if later,
    you’re still in the harbour.”

    Wielding my Hammer,
    wearing an array of Colour,
    and a Scottish Flag Bandana.
    I waltzed into this bay and that.
    Planting my Tattered Sun Flag
    into the Earth and claiming it at as my own.
    All the while looking for a Pirate Hat.

    Sitting low in the water
    and heavily ladened,
    I made it back Home.
    Dumping my load,
    to the Welcomes of those whom I had left ashore,
    I began to hand out the gifts
    that I had laboured for.

    Ok now it’s actually Time to go.
    So I packed my backpack and put it upon my back.
    Inspired by the Treasures that I had plundered,
    my crew thought they would give it a whack.
    We ventured out
    and had barely left shore
    and out of harbour
    when we struck gold.

    And here I said goodbye to my old crew,
    to adventure into who knew what.
    A different land,
    a different world.
    I boarded the first Pretoria bound ship,
    sailing away from the setting Sun
    and off towards the Rising Full Moon.

    Oppi you were a lot of fun,
    but now your time is done.
    It’s time to go back to reality
    and to my new job.
    I start tomorrow. 😀

  31. As I walked through the valley of rock, I feared no evil… For I woke up in the medic tent. An angel of death , or very aggressive nurse, was on top of my frail yet irresistible body. Her shakes were rough (just the way I like it) as she oh so graciously inquired as to what it was that landed me into the lavish medical tent. I replied quite smoothly “only a bit of whiskey – scouts honor”. Little did the ancient being… I mean elderly nurse… know that I never was a scout. I was transferred to a kind looking Dr. (thank Thor) who proceeded to connect me to what I like to refer to as – The Fuck All Hangovers drip. Becoming bleak due to missing the great Wolfmother the kind and caring Dr allowed my almost as equally intoxicated comrades into the enclosure (take that you old hag nurse) and proceeded to sing to many other musical greats along side a few of the fine medical staff at Oppi Koppi. What absolute legends, it would be a shame not to do it again this year.


    I haven’t been to Oppi Koppi yet. I wasn’t going to go because it costs a lot of money – but then I was lucky enough to be offered a free ticket to join my friends :). Decided that I would be the driver to “repay” the people that are giving me the free ticket and to show my friends how thankful I am for all of their efforts BUTTTTT unfortunately the ticket is no longer available 🙁

    However, my amazing friends were willing to bunk university and risk being fined to get topless and try win tickets for me :D. We are keen to do more of these around the city! Hopefully this helps us win a ticket! We could be a great advertising team for The Grind Radio ;)!

    fingers crossed 🙂 #OppiKoppiGrind

  33. This will be my 4th Oppikoppi. 2 years ago me and two of my friends attached a bungee cord to our pants, so one friend was in the middle and we kept on shouting we are connected. Enzo was in the middle and he would go back and we would be the pillars so that he could jump forward into peoples faces and would then ricochet back. We would trap people in between and hug everybody, I guess that’s what I think Oppi is about, it’s about sharing love and being connected through art and music. Oppikoppi brings people together and the feeling of unity is amazing. I desire that feeling and would love to win a ticket

  34. Oppikoppi

    Oppikoppi has always been a big thing in our house because my eldest brother went every year up until 2011. He sadly passed away before oppi in 2012. My mom always said my younger brother and I couldn’t go unless my eldest brother took us… which became a problem after 2012. Last year I was on a bursary and I could pay for own ticket and go without my mom knowing and I could truly reconnect with my brother since oppi was his PLACE. This year is a different story and it would be so awesome if I could take my brother to oppi and allow him to experience what I experienced last year and just be in my eldest brother favourite place and honour him with the rest of Oppi

  35. After an epic night at the red bull stage watching Das Kapital, Grimehouse and Niskerone I headed to bed around 4:00 AM. After a really good night sleep I woke up at 11:50 AM, only to realize I had watch upside down and it was actually 6:20 PM!! Upset that I missed the entire days entertainment I rushed to the stages only to discover that there was hardly anyone around! So naturally I freaked out a bit, thinking I might have woken up in an apocalypse of some sorts. I suddenly realized I missed Jeremy Loops and that just killed me!! Thanks to some helpful fellow campers I was informed it was in fact only 6:20 AM!!

    It ended up being a really beautiful morning afterwards as I had a coffee in peace overlooking mordor as the beast started waking up from the koppi, plus I didn’t end up missing Jeremy Loops that day.

  36. Our first Oppikoppi hmmm… that “sweet thing”

    Thursday morning departure point was my house I remember me and my sis making sure we took the longest soak the last you’ll ever feel clean for +_5days. Moving our stuff outside just looked like a bomb of alcohol and food. Our luggage ride a Toyota venture 😁 All the driver could say “where do you ladies think you are gonna fit all that” all the while our friend gets there all dressed up and make up (like with foundation and blush) and I remember thinking….*Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline*…needless to say yes she was taking along her full make up kit bag. We all were shocked😲. With our passenger ride here our beloved vintage Mazda
    (which struggled getting us home on Sunday) we were able to fit all our things in both cars with only a handful of items left then off we went Oppi to… These 4 soon to be prawns had no idea what was in store. When we got to the farm at the entrance on a rush to claim our Windhoek Jacket my sister jumps out all we heard were screams yes you guessed it the thorns had her one was so big went through the sole of her shoes now she’s limping back with the hoodie and a smile *this sweet thing*.A Real Thorny.
    As we drove into the farm with looking for a safe camping spot we fi ally found one on the border of the Kreef hotel on Boom Straat just by the entrance to the stages (i have to say worst spot due too many people walking past = too much dust). As we were setting up our tent that had to be held up by trees at some corners and cleaning up our camping site with alot of ohh and ahhs we decided to take some welcome celebration shots under the shade of that beloved Cactus Jack it was just so delicious and cold we finished 2 bottles within 10mins and the rest of the day was a hazy state.

    Even with what was considered the best safest Spot i got lost the Friday afternoon after having too much fun at the José Cuervo tweetup at the top bar as I didn’t know of the other entrance next to the James Phillip stage so I went all around boom straat for like an hour until I was spotted by our camping neighbour who was kind enough to help me back home not before stopping at another campsite for some more tequila and black label beer.

    Oh and remember that friend who took a make up kit with well lets just say we never again saw that make up kit bag my friend brought along as a necessity lol.

    #Oppikoppi . #memories #theQuestBegins

  37. So my girlfriend and I, had quite a lot to drink and after we watched someone propose on Fokofpolisiekar’s stage we decided to walk home(tent).
    This walk changed into a drunk jog which always ends up badly so we fell and her hair got caught in a thornbush. She started to repeatedly shout :”cut me loose,cut me loose” after which some random hero came seemingly from that same bush and cut her loose after which he just disappeared which was for his own safety as she was drunk and likes ger hair. We then got back to our tent to find one of our friends there,passed out with a tattoo of the whatsapp whale emoticon on his arm.
    This memory will never leave me and to this day that tattoo will remind us all of Oppi.
    Who even knows what could happen this year.

  38. Last year i had to babysit a german exchange student who was scared of moshpits. To top ot all off i had to leave early.
    I need to be able to tell a sick story about Oppikoppi,

  39. I had to strip for my Oppikoppi ticket and then hustle for a ride there.

    Had fun playing beer pong, ran the naked race, won a staring comp, dancing like no-one was watching, played in a drumming circle, saw a chick pee like a guy and carried a random couch around Oppikoppi. Walked away an Oppikoppi Beer Pong champ. Alot of random moments.

  40. So my greatest Oppikoppi story must be the time I got a concussion and my boyfriend peed on me.

    It was my very first koppie, Unknown Brother, everyone was extremely excited and there was no such thing as taking it slow. On our second day there we went balls to the wall, bat shit crazy. We were drinking hot Stroh Rum out of baby bottles the whole day, played Ninja wherever we had space to do so. We lost some of our friends along the way as they either passed out or we left them somewhere by accident.

    When night time came we were only a few friends left and we where watching Die Antwoord, I decided to get on my boyfriends shoulders so that I can get a better view of whats going on on stage. I didn’t think this through as my boyfriend was extremely drunk at this point and he couldn’t even stand anymore but nonetheless I got up and I had the best view for about 2 minutes when I felt something is about to go down as we are suddenly running and I have no idea why and I cant figure out where we running to. All of a sudden I woke up on the ground, everything being extremely fuzzy and I cant hear anything. turns out we weren’t running, my boyfriend lost his balance and dropped me of off his shoulders. When I felt better again we carried on with the rest of the night, laughing the whole time about what just happened.

    The next morning everyone laughed as we recalled the happenings of the previous night. It was only then when I heard that my boyfriend peed on me the previous night as well, I couldn’t remember this as this happened during the time I was sitting down, recovering from my injuries. We couldn’t stop laughing and still today we recall that moment quite often.

    My first Oppikoppi was definitely my best koppie and I will never forget this exact moment. There is no photos I can post as evidence as we weren’t in any state to take photos or look after a camera for that matter. We were defnitly unknown brothers. Please please please give me a ticket guys, I cannot miss a koppie, Ive been to koppie every year since 2011 and this year I just dont have enough money to go. Please guys!!!!!

  41. I’ve been to 9 Oppikoppi’s, including the last ever April festival and will already be attending Mr Vos Vos all the way from Cape Town. But my partner in crime at eight of those isn’t going due to lack of $$$. Please help make that happen! It is impossible to limit 9 incredible Oppi’s to one comment, so let me rather show you why I need this impressive human being by my side once again. Please check out this link:

  42. Never been to Oppikoppi (because I live in Japan) but judging from all the stories that have already been posted it sounds like a hoot and a half. An experience I want a slice of.

    I willing to drop everything, empty out my bank account, say laters to my family and catch the first flight from Tokyo to SA all for Oppikoppi 2015. I mean not only is Brand FREAKING New playing but the local lineup is firece as fuck.

  43. Well I’m going to try to keep this story short and sweet(thing).. Once upon a time (03:45 AM), in a galaxy far far away (Dropzone, Hatfield Square) there was me, and only me from all my friends that bought a ticket for Oppikoppi Sweet Thing. As being my 2nd Oppi, I refused to miss out, even if meant me going all Robinson Crusoe to that place. It was the 9th of August 2012, the day that Oppi starts… As I was taking a sip of my beer and realised, with a sudden jolt of soberness, that my lift to this magical event was leaving in about 15min. Without wasting a single drop, I downed my beer, and started sprinting towards my place with all the energy and alcohol that was left in my fragile body. Even Forest Gump would have been proud. With about two minutes to spare, I packed my stuff and caught my lift. With my case of dop, tjop and my Northam-Shoprite-one-person-tent (and luckily only one flat tire) I arrived at the land of Milk & Honies to continue my OppiQuest. I was alone, but the Oppi family was there for me, and as the Lone Ranger I survived the dustbowl once more, meeting weird people and enjoying great music. Since then I haven’t missed a single Oppikoppi, and with number 5 in sight, I can’t see myself ending this epic annual journey any time soon….

  44. Vigilante justice – Oppikoppi 2013 BeWilderbeast
    Let’s fast forward the story past the on route adventures and copies amounts of brandy and tequila and all the fun Oppikoppi has to offer to the Sunday morning just after a mind blowing gig by the Deftones.

    So after the gig I was my making my way home accompanied by a dear prawn I only remember as Skille till this day. (See I met Skille somewhere in the middle of nowhere who I still regard as a dear friend should we ever meet again.) We decided to park off by the first fire to warm hands. Not soon after, we ventured deeper into conversation and the camp area only to notice that home was in boom straat and not district 6. Nonetheless, we found camp.
    Just after dosing off after four days of euphoria a friend woke me up to confirm if the satchel they had picked up under their car belonged to me. It was indeed my beloved kak bruin satchel. And it was empty. See they only reason I ever carried a bag with me was to house my rollies. I smoke. That’s what I do best. And the problem was that Oppikoppi sold out of smokes the Saturday night. Groot fokken problem!

    So I walked over to investigate where and how I would possibly just have my things laying around. And this is where things took a turn for the worst – for them!

    Ok, back up a sec – You need to fully comprehend why I raged like Kratos facing Zeus in a 3 to 1 battle. We arrived at Koppi the Tuesday and nested in a fantastic spot with good friends. Wednesday came and so did the Nigerian fools with a truck load of business. (Now I am not one to judge and certainly won’t undermine ones business ventures – but if you involve me in any dodgy kak that is not my that is a different story. Long story short – They were dealing from our campsite and we asked them numerous times – over the course of the weekend – to pack up and leave to no avail. Everyone was pretty foken pissed off with these guys by this time.

    Back to the story – There they were. My rollies. On the Nigerian’s table. I walked over without introducing myself, pick up my stash and started dishing out poes klappe. Die dag wat jy nou regtig n sambreel nodig gehad het. At this stage they started getting really aggressive to a point where I started making such a scene in Afrikaans that they backed up and lined up nicely on the other side of the fire (ja that one). Eventually I stripped my moer, drop kicked the fire all over them and into oncoming prawn traffic. This really got their attention and they decided that it would be safer I suppose om die nag in te vlug. They disappeared! Weg!

    I was so upset with their audacity to rob me of my rollies that I decided to rob them. Genoeg is mos genoeg. I took everything. Well I wanted to – As I loaded the goods my friends offloaded. Typical Nigerian phobia. So I decided that if I can’t have it then we might as well give it away. The table ended up in the tree, the torch en komberse is pad af gestuur so ver as wat ek kon gooi en toe was daar net n tent. I dragged the tent over the fire to end this thing as it started. The last I remember was a guy warming his hands on the burning tent.

    All that remained by sunrise was the memory of shady deals, 2 tent pins, a toilet roll and a really badly burned foot.

    Needless to say, I was still one of the best I attended.

  45. Last year my boyfriend got appendicitis at Oppikoppi and we had to rush him to Rustenburg hospital, he got his appendix removed that night. He said there was no point in me coming back to Joburg with him and missing Wolfmother. So his parents picked him up from hospital and i went back to Oppi. This year I want to return the favour and send him off with the best Oppi ever, to make up for him missing Oppi to be in hospital. Help a sister out.

  46. Well honestly I have not been to opp but this year my sister and I are trying to go because August Burns Red is going to be there and it’s our life long dream to see them. So I’m guessing in advance that, that would be our best moment at oppi. Being able live out a dream.

    Not sure if this counts cause we haven’t been but it’s worth a shot. Have an epic weekend all and keep it classy!

  47. I have never been to Oppi but heard that it is thee sickest festival around !!! I would love to attend this year !!
    Everyone I know is going and FOMO has got me 🙈 .. Please please pick me 😁
    I was willing to leave my dignity at home but I’ve lost it .. Someone kept trying to give it back to me but I kept throwing it away 😂 And who isn’t excited about being absolutely filthy for 3 days straight ??

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