Listen again: Amplify – Hrvoje Šenjug & The Bypassers

The recap of Amplify – featuring special guest Hrvoje Šenjug from Hrvoje Šenjug & The Bypassers – is now available for a relisten:


Coming your way this episode – a few weeks back we had a lekker chat with legendary Croatian guitarist and front man to Hrvorje Šenjug & The Bypassesr Hrvorje Šenjug. Me and Hrvorje chat about the bands debut release – The Cycle Continues, his writing process and his signature Button Up.

Then- we’re diving headfirst into our New Music Spotlight. We have a beautiful collection of brand new treffers from Swimmer, AmaFranx, Emmaleen 

And lastly, but definitely not least, we’ll wrap up the session with a brand new feature – Frets and Foot work. Transform your lounge into a mosh pit, with a hand picked hard rock groove to get your hair flinging – this week we have South African Rock royalty SLASHDOGS, Hellcats, Crash the Void and Wolkberg Strap in its gonna be wild

Artist Mentioned in This Episode:

Artist Hrvoje Šenjug & The Bypassers

Album The Cycle Continues

3 Croation friends, Jura Herceg, Renato Palatinuš and Hrvoje Šenjug – lead by Hrvoje joined forces and formed Hrvoje Šenjug & The Bypassesr. The trio though rooted in an alternative sound is for sure not bound to genre and blends a multitude of sound to create their signature style. Earlier this year they released their debut album – The Cycle Continue. we had the lovely opportunity of catch up with Hrvoje on the new album, the bands process and his signature shirt.


Artist Amafranx

Track The Together Song

Being together, sharing our senses and feeling safe. These elements are found in the music of a bass guitar. On cello (Ronald Davey) and tabla (Ronan Skillen) Bass and vocals Franco amaFranx. 

Inspired by funk icons such as Sly and the Family Stone, The Jackson Five and Cool and the Gang, taking those snappy progressions into a realm of unique percussive interpretation glued together by refreshingly unorthodox cello layers. Improvisational components exhibit the emotive qualities the musicians aimed to capture in their performance.

AmaFranx, who gained acclaim in African and European countries as the bassist of ISO, brings his SAMA nominated solo project amaFranx – a bass and vocal tapestry brought to the original music space in a uniquely adventurous South African spirit.

Artist Emmaleen

Track Wailing Trees

Dive into the enchanting world of Namibian-born artist Emmaleen! 🌙 Born in 1991, she’s a powerhouse in independent music scene.  weaving witchy blues and gothic folk into a glorious audio tapestry. Following the success of her debut album in 2022, Emmaleen is back with ‘The Sun Will Still Shine When You Die,’ promising an inner journey into magic realism and spiritual introspection.

Produced by Ruan Vos, the album’s analog approach captures the magic of live recording, embracing imperfections that add to its allure.

Artist Swimmer

Track Baggage

Returning Submissions Radar feature Swimmer – for those of you new to swimmer-  Swimmer, a remarkable artist hailing from the windswept Skeleton Coast of South Africa, has recently unleashed their debut album, Sirens & Cathedrals.

Previously we added Feeding TIme featuring Frank Opperman. This time We giving Baggage a spin. In the press release for Sirens & Cathedrals Swimmer shares that in the his teen years he packed his belongings into a bag and hit the road. He was accompanied by his trusty walkman. The only tapes I had were a Readers Digest boxset called Remembering The ‘50s and ‘60s,” says Swimmer. “Man, I played those tapes to death.” These influences are so beautifully present in Baggage.

Artist Edge of the Forest

Track Dire strates

New kids on the block – Edge of the Forest from Stellenbosch. This 4 piece outlet just dropped their debut album – Forest of Fools. The band is made up of Jeandre Le Cornu (vox and rhythm guitar), Dieter Sullwald (lead guitar), Brendan Louw (bass), and Nicholas Holtzhausen (drums). According to a texx and the city write up on the band they have a very loyal fan base in stellies and are looking to expand their reach with the latest release. Today we will be sharing Dire strates fresh from their latest release.

Frets And Footwork

Artist Wolkberg

Track Baber

Artist Wolkberg

Track Baber

Artist Hellcats

Track I Never

More about Amplify

Amplify, a radio show hosted on The Grind Radio, is like a chilled hangout where we dive into the lekkerest sounds in alternative and rock. We chat with amazing artists, and  discover fresh tunes. It’s a mix of classic rock legends and new faces from around the world, all picked to make your music soul happy. Amplify is aired every second Tuesday on The Grind Radio. Every track you hear on Amplify is handpicked from the amazing submissions sent to The Grind Radio. It’s like a treasure hunt, where the best of the best get the spotlight.

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