Listen Again: Rumbling Riddim FT Radikill & Endeavour

Donny Basco and Friends are back for another flaming episode!! In this episode, main man Donny Basco is joined by South African DNB LEGENDS- Endeavor and Radikill!

Join us this Thursday for a 3-hour DNB throwdown hosted by our resident beat captain DONNY BASCO! Our host will be giving us the bi-weekly gig guide, song of the week, and a glimpse into some lekker events. As always the main man himself – Donny Basco has invited some very special guests to join in on the fun and share their mixes.

Who Is Endeavour

Endeavour is a dynamic DJ hailing from the vibrant East of Johannesburg, that embodies his name in every beat. “Endeavour” isn’t just a word; it’s a way of life. It symbolizes his relentless pursuit of personal mastery, musical excellence, and the unwavering dedication he pours into each performance.

There’s more to Endeavour than his electrifying music. He’s a lovable creature in the music scene, always donning a smile that radiates positivity and infectious enthusiasm. His warm and welcoming presence adds an extra layer of magic to his performances, creating an unforgettable connection with his audience. Whether he’s behind the decks or mingling with the crowd, Endeavour’s genuine passion for music and people shines through.

Who Is Radikill

This man personifies pure “Send It” energy, consistently making waves in the scene with his high-energy performances and charisma. So much so that he has been known to lose his shoes purely from the insane double drops that he keeps bringing set after set. As one half of the globetrotting ‘travelling senders’ duo that proudly fly the SA flag high across the D&B universe, and being a backstage architect of monumental events like Sanctuary, Radikill is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the dance floor.


Song Of the Week

Meet Donny Basco

Donny Basco, a seasoned South African DJ with over a decade of experience, is on a mission to deliver unforgettable, high-energy sets. As a multifaceted artist, event organizer, and radio show host, Donny Basco has curated an eclectic mix that resonates with diverse audiences. Donny Basco host Rumbling Riddim every Second Thursday on The Grind Radio.

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