Top 5 Songs To Wake Up To

So, it’s a part of being human, being alive and basically it’s the essential reason that we experience a lifespan between dreams. It is waking up, everyday, to face a new cycle of the earth around the sun. Yes, every person on this teeny tiny planet in the middle of this very vast cosmos that surrounds us, has to wake up, like it or not. Some of us don’t wake up, but then we dig holes into that teeny tiny planet, bury them in there, and allow them to sleep in peace for eternity while their loved ones attend a “wake” –the irony…tut tut tut (knee slap!). But that’s a different sort of playlist. If we all wake up every damn day, why is it still so agonizing some days? It’s as if most learned skills become easier, but the “waking up skill” is just not one of them. So here, in this post, on this page, The Grind Radio gives you our top 5 songs to wake up to, and will male your daily reality a kick ass experience.   Feast your ears and ready your dancer’s hip, coz shit’s about to get real in the AM! PS. You are welcome.


  1. Bombay Bicycle Club – How can you swallow so much sleep

This English indie rock band completely understands the necessity for a slow, melodic introduction to the morning. At an ordinary hour, this song may seem repetitive and lacking of a “punch-line” so to speak, but hawt dang – firstly, this in the AM lulls you out of dreamland like the ballerina in a jewelry box. The lyrics are apathetic to grumpy wakers: “can I wake you up, can I wake you up, is it late enough, is it late enough?” The video is also a must-watch; a little claymation guy follows a ladder to the moon (not Luna). Recommended for those days when you feel like you deserve an extra three presses of the snooze button.



  1. SAFIA – Counting sheep

SAFIA is another musical success story from down-under, and this song is bound to get you right up from under your sheets. Another slow introduction, yet it builds into a surprisingly catchy tune soon after the first minute. The beat is super awesome and the musical variety will fool you into thinking you’ve heard three different compositions all before you’ve opened your eyes. You do, however, need to endure the first chorus that seems to have an uncanny resemblance to Maroon 5 – shame ne? But it is well worth the wait – besides, you will still be half asleep at this point and it will probably be the voice over that raises you like a zombie from the grave, as the subliminal message echoes: “If you’re planning on going to bed in the near future – no! There’s nothing to worry about, you’re going to be just fine. DON’T. FALL. ASLEEP.” Who doesn’t need this kind of subtle reminder in the morning?



  1. Shadowclub – Good morning killer

Of course we have to include local talent, Shadowclub in this playlist. Dirty rock ‘n roll with hot lyrics remind us that “she has her breakfast in the morning with her coffee”. This is the ultimate way to coax hung-over friends from the surfaces that they cover and into reality. The vinyl, naturally, is that much more alluring (and it’s white!), even if you aren’t a hipster/protohipster/yuccie you will enjoy the grungy appeal of it. Get out of bed air-guitaring – what could be better?



  1. Sarah Blasko – I awake

Sarah Blasko is another Australian delight who graced our shores at Oppikoppi 2014 and showed us a poignant performance at the top bar. Blasko has a resonating voice that will wake you and instill in you a sense of determination for the day. She’s like the bad-ass sports coach encouraging you to get the hell out of bed and conquer that damn world. With lyrics like: “I awake unto this day. I’m going out to make a change […] My heart is an adventurer” she will get you going on that dreaded Monday morning. This, in collaboration with drums that sound like the migration of Wildebeest, is a definite must for the morning.



  1. Awolnation – Wake up

Californian band, Awolnation has become somewhat of a household name in South Africa of late. And although, we may have numbed our ears to their more popular songs by playing them on repeat, this one will literally tell you to “wake up” in the best possible way. The beat is a two-step, head-bang kind of magic and it will get you doing your morning routine like a metronome. Great as an alarm, even better blasted through a megaphone into the ears of an unsuspecting slumberer. Not that the Grind Radio would condone such acts of cruelty – or would we? Go on, give it a little listen in the wee hours, it’s the Loreal of music – because you’re worth it… kekekeke (some guac with that cheese?)!



Happy rising and shining beeshes!


With love,

The Grind Radio


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