Dive into Rumbling Riddim FT Entropie

Donny Basco and Friends are back with a brand new episode of RUMBLING RIDDIM! This week we are joined by South Africa DNB sensations – Entropie!!

Join us for a 2 hour DNB throw down hosted by our resident beat captain DONNY BASCO!

Meet Entropie

Entropie is a Drum and Bass DJ with a deep passion for the genre and an innate talent for crafting intricate mixes. Influenced by hip hop, blues and soul music, his signature style combines groovy basslines, intricate drum patterns and sonic storytelling that aims to take audiences down the paths less travelled. His lifelong love affair with music brought Entropie to the In.Unison Institute in 2022, where he was taught the fundamentals of the art form by two of South Africa’s top DJs -Leeu and Illing – with the rare privilege of learning at And Club.

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Meet Donny Basco

Donny Basco, a seasoned South African DJ with over a decade of experience, is on a mission to deliver unforgettable, high-energy sets. As a multifaceted artist, event organizer, and radio show host, Donny Basco has curated an eclectic mix that resonates with diverse audiences. Donny Basco host Rumbling Riddim every Second Thursday on The Grind Radio.

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