Donny Basco & Friends celebrate the launch of Season 2

New Season. New Look. Same epic DNB vibes. Donny Basco & Friends Presents Rumbling Riddim kicks off Season 2 with some heavy hitters in the local DNB scene. 

In this episode main man Donny Basco is joined by Kysuné and Nu:matik.

Who Is Kysuné

Kysuné is a DJ and Producer from 031 Durban, and has been on the underground circuit since 2014 sharing his love for all things deep dark and dangerous. Since making his debut at Misfits (Durban) under former alias Jungle Foxx, Kysuné has performed at various events and festivals around the country such as; Cherch, Propaganda, Breaks, Bass Communion, PerSINality, System of Synergy, Smoking Dragon, Connexion, Elysium and Twilight. Kysuné’s sound is best described as progressive energy balancing light and dark moods.

He draws inspiration from Hip Hop, Grime, Soul, Metal and Psychedelic themes, creating smooth transitions which tell a story through his music. Always driven to deliver fresh quality sounds, his sets are always memorable and sure to keep you dancing the night awaay When not performing Kysuné is deep within his Foxden working on new music. with 7 years of experience under his belt with releases on Propaganda (Frontliners Vol.1), Music for Change (Australia), as well as his 3-track debut EP “Shapeshifter” with Rubricate Records (South Africa).

Who Is Nu:matik

Luke “nu:matik” is a Drum and Bass artist who has a deep appreciation for the genre and the scene as a whole. His dedication to perfecting his craft has led him to perform at many great events such as Cherch , Twilight Festival , Soul Link and White Rabbit Festival , to name a few , while also making a few appearances under the ScienceFrikshun and Additchshun brands alike. Having experience supporting international acts like Krakota , Maduk , Delta Heavy and Technimatic has given Luke the opportunity to make his collection the deepest it’s ever been.

Song Of The week


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Meet Donny Basco

Donny Basco, a seasoned South African DJ with over a decade of experience, is on a mission to deliver unforgettable, high-energy sets. As a multifaceted artist, event organizer, and radio show host, Donny Basco has curated an eclectic mix that resonates with diverse audiences. Donny Basco host Rumbling Riddim every Second Thursday on The Grind Radio.

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