RECAP – Amplify is back and making Waves

On this addition, we will be spinning some fresh tunes from Milan, John Battersby Band, Sold Ash, We Kill Cowboys, Moskitos and The Govt.

We also have the low down on the latest gig guide and have dedicate this addition of Frets and Footwork – where turn your home into a moshpit – to the legends Acid Magus!

Artist Milan

Song Breath

Cape Townian One man band and living beacon of positive energy-Milan just released his brand new single Breath! According to His press release:

“In a world dominated by stress and chaos, Milan’s music serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging listeners to reconnect with nature and their true selves. The single “Breathe” is a heartfelt reminder to take a step back, breathe deeply, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.”

Breath is  a foot taper – alt folk indie delight that is sure to take your day from KAK to not so Kak in an instant.  The lyrics “Breath Let Go. The Writings on the Wall. All of us know nothing at all” swirl in your head reminding you that you are just a flesh baby on this spinning rock in the sky.

Artist John Battersby band

Album Stone Figures

John Battersby Band has released their first full length album ‘Stone Figures’. Fronted by lead man and musical visionary John Battersby. Best known for his work with Capetonian band Red Tape Riot.

John formed the John Battersby Band in the start of 2020 to help him establish his sound as a solo artist. John has stacked the album with a legendary band consisting of Marc Klein on drums, Tristan Bell on guitar, and CJ Duckitt on bass. TJ Terblanche produced, mixed and mastered the album. Each member added their own flavour the body of work contributing to making this a beautiful album. 

 The album’s overarching theme revolves around gratitude,  acknowledging forces beyond us, and embracing the guiding power in our lives. Nature and meaningful connections play a pivotal role, creating a musical time capsule that resonates with fondness and longing.

Included in the album is John’s first 2 singles Radiant and Sit Back Down.I LOVED this album. Each track was just *chef’s Kiss*.  Stand out tracks on the album Shelter, Dust On The Breeze, Sit back Back Down, and Who are you Spotify

Artist Sold Ash

Album Howl A Little Louder Just Don’t Spit In My Mouth

 Sold Ash is the brain baby of Cape Town-based producer/musician/engineer Ruan Vos. In 28th of April 2020 Sold Ash released their first EP – Sold Ash. The ep is a beautiful chaotic blend of Shoegaze, Noise Rock and Alt rock with sprinkles of new wave. Stand out tracks Genophobia and You’re Far cements the iconic SOLD ASH sound and aesthetic. Deep in the 2020 Lockdown, Ruan   created the album – ’Howl A Little Louder Just Don’t Spit In My Mouth’.

“ [the album] is a story that explores the complexities of mental instability and feeling out of place and overwhelmed in a world driven by capitalism and productivity. It also dives into my process of self-healing, dealing with people that were close to me who became a manifestation of personality disorders such as narcissism, as well as grieving a past lover and reflecting back on my own toxicity towards others.”

Artist We Kill Cowboys

Song Patience

We Kill Cowboys, return submitter, Cape Town’s Psychedelic Grunge Rock outlet is back with the dark fragile track -patience.

“ Think about walking down a long, dark road with only the moon’s light to guide you. You’re out there because you don’t know where else to exist, and the darkness feels safe. In the same light, you’re tired of being in the dark, existing in the in-between, the unknown. That’s exactly when all you need is Patience. Deep trust. That’s the crux of what this song is about.”  Recorded and mastered by Floris Le Roux the band delves into a slower, harder sound in “Patience“.

 Floris and the band have crafted a gritty push and pull/ ebb and flow force between Alex’s soft husky vocals and a build up of liquid swirly fuzz guitar and booming drums. All the elements collide as the songs climax is reached and the guitar, drums and vocals blast over the frequencies of the song. Floris’s magical mastering and production can be appreciate here as this eruption of raw sound and emotion does not overpower the mix/song and each element co-exists in beautiful chaotic harmony. 

Artist The Govt.

Album Friendly Neighborhood Conspiracies

We Kill Cowboys, return submitter, Cape Town’s Psychedelic Grunge Rock outlet is back with the dark fragile track -patience.The Government is an electronic rock duo from Stellenbosch. The band is made up of Matt Carstens on vocals and guitar, and Andrew Veldman on bass guitar.  The Govt. debut album Friendly Neighbourhood conspiracies was released on the 23rd of February and it’s an absolute goodie. Punk meets electronica meet POP all exploding into your ear canals at once.

Emerging from the ashes of a punk rock past, THE GOVT. has undergone a spectacular metamorphosis, standing as the vanguard of a new era in the music scene. Drawing inspiration from the infectious energy of Eskimo Callboy, the massive drops of Black Tiger Sex Machine, Enter Shikari’s genre-bending prowess, and the undeniable charisma reminiscent of an Ed Sheeran pop-song, if he embraced Rave music.

Artist Moskitos

Album Friendly Neighborhood Conspiracies

Cape Town based Psych Rock trio MOSKITOS returns with a Outta My Head the first single of their much await new album Mirage”, dropping later in 2024. 

Outta My Head” delves deep into the tumultuous conversation one has with their conscience, navigating the murky waters of accepting the darker facets of the self. From a sonic point of view, “Outta My Head” symbolizes a turning point in the journey of Moskitos.The track was recorded as a live take in the studio by long time local favourite engineer, Warren Fisher, as a means to attempt to capture the fiery energy the band has cultivated in live performances. A furious tempo and unrelenting penetrating groove propels the listener into a realm where the line between reality and illusion blurs.

Artist Acid Magus

Album Friendly Neighborhood Conspiracies

In honour of all things KAK LEKKER and ALL THING DOOM we have decide to dedicate this episodes installment to Pretoria DOOM Metal outlet Acid Magus. 

If this is your first time hearing them you are in for a treat. The band was formed in 2020 by LEGENDARY guitarist  Keenan Kinnear. Original members were Jarryd Wood – on of the founding fathers of the grind Radio on  bass, Roelof van Tonder – drums and Christiaan Van Renen on vocals. Early 2023 marked a reshuffle for the band. They bid adieu to Jarryd And Christiaan. Roelof moved over to bass and two new members Jethro Vlag on drums, Rico on Vocals and Cowboy Bez on guitar joined the line up. Over the past few years the band has gone from strength to strength playing shows all over South Africa and even headlining RAMFEST.


The upcoming single, “Curse Of The Wyrd Syster,” is a re visitation of the tracks from Acid Magus’s debut album, also titled “Wyrd Syster.” Originally conceived as a single song, “Wyrd Syster” and “Rituals” were separated for the album release, only to be reunited in a powerful live performance. Now, with the addition of new members Rico on vocals and Bez on guitars, the band has re-recorded the epic track in their current drop C tuning, adding extra layers and new elements to enhance the experience.

If you’d like to relive the great moments of the past season and have a relisten you can catch the archives and articles over here:

More about Amplify

Amplify, a radio show hosted on The Grind Radio, is like a chilled hangout where we dive into the lekkerest sounds in alternative and rock. We chat with amazing artists, and  discover fresh tunes. It’s a mix of classic rock legends and new faces from around the world, all picked to make your music soul happy. Amplify is aired every second Tuesday on The Grind Radio. Every track you hear on Amplify is handpicked from the amazing submissions sent to The Grind Radio. It’s like a treasure hunt, where the best of the best get the spotlight.

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